In this day and age it is imperative that you have a website to run alongside your business because more and more people are turning to the Internet when they are in need of products or services. Heck some businesses run solely off a website. In the interest of running a profitable, growing business, it is crucial to take advantage of the opportunities that are available online. In fact, it would be detrimental not to.

It is one thing to have a website, but it needs to be done well if it is going to be successful. I have compiled a list of simple, easy ways to ensure your website is effective in generating business from potential clients, and that they come back again and again.

Rest assured, if you are not technically inclined you can always enlist in the help of a website development company to help you out. If you choose to go down this road, ensure they utilise these tips.


The first thing people are going to notice about your website is it’s appearance. If it is eye catching they are instantly going to want to stay and explore your website further. Simple is usually best when it comes to websites as if there is too much going on, people are going to get distracted, fed up and will move onto the next option. It is a good idea to choose a colour theme, utilising two to three colours, and use these consistently throughout the entire website. Graphics are also a great addition to any website, however, do not go over board, people do not want to be bombarded with images.


When visiting a website for the first time it is crucial that it is user friendly and easy to navigate. The layout needs to be simple and clearly labeled so that people can find their way around the site with ease. People typically visit a website for a specific reason so it needs to be simple for them to find the exact product or service page they are looking for. If you have to click through 10 pages before you can get to the one you want, you are going to give up and find a different option – an easier to use website.


If you want people to trust your website, products and services, it is important to have engaging, concise and precise content. The content on your website should be created specifically for your target audience. Along with this, you must do a thorough spell check before publishing any content on your website. Spelling and grammatical mistakes can solely put people off.

Up to date

Your website needs to be continually updated so it sits alongside exactly what is happening in store. If you are holding a weekend sale, update your website with details of the weekend sale and once the sale is over, take the details down. The last thing people want to see on your website is a summer promotion advertised in winter. Having outdated information on your website will make it seem as though your website is not currently valid.


When people use the Internet, they expect sites to load very fast. If your website has images and graphics with large files, they will slow down your entire site. If people are having to wait for your site to load they will become bored, distracted and move on to the next site.

Most importantly, your website should resemble one that you would love to visit and use. There are many companies out there who specialize in website design and development so it is definitely a worthwhile investment to enlist in the help of one of these.