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With Bing, you can take things to the next level

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  • Are you struggling to generate leads from your website?
  • Are you not ranking on 1st Page of Google organically?
  • Are you finding Adwords too expensive with very little results?

Expand your reach

There’s no questioning that, as it stands, Google is the king of the online search. But does that make it the only engine worth courting?

We argue no.

Think of it this way:

  • There are 5 billion searches on Bing Network each month
  • At least one in three Bing users make more than $100,000 each year
  • Bing has a 50% higher ad click-through rate than its giant counterpart

This paints the picture that there are highly profitable leads you are missing out on by sticking solely to Google.

In Australia, Bing accounts for approximately 5% of the market. It may sound small, yes, but you shouldn’t let numbers fool you. Hundreds of thousands of searchers use the Bing Network in Australia, mostly among older and more educated users. Depending on your target market and your marketing budget, this could translate into some serious business.

Let’s face it: most of your competitors are probably not investing in Bing. But this means that the market is much less fierce and could be ripe for the taking!

Results For A Roofing Company

🔥 From 0 leads pm to 120+ leads/ monthly
🔥 40% increase in renevue

Result Driven Digital Marketing

Web Design

We will handcraft a custom-made website built for converting visitors into leads and sales for you.

Google Adwords

Getting Adwords managed by a Google partner can help you generate more leads at a lower cost per acquisition.


Our specialist team will get your website ranking on page 1 of Google and drive more leads.

Facebook Marketing

We will help you generate leads from Facebook Ads in a cost-effective way with complete funnel management.


If you are not retargeting your visitors then you are losing those customers to your competitors. We got you covered!

Email Marketing

If you have an email list, you already have a built-in audience who are interested in what you have to say (and sell). Why not take advantage of it?


We will use the data from your analytics and user feedback to drive more conversions and leads through conversion rate optimisation.

Local SEO

Google business local pack is a great way to drive traffic and leads quickly from your listing in your local areas. Click hereto start.

Get more for less

Adding Bing advertising into your digital marketing mix could be a low-cost way to see some high returns.

The average cost per click for Bing is 2/3 of Google’s, as was the average amount spent on acquiring a customer. This means that, done properly, you could be spending less money per click (and overall) to achieve a higher click-through rate.

Voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana are also powered by Bing. That’s right — if you use Alexa, you use Bing. With voice search becoming the next big thing in the digital sphere, you can take advantage of this.

The best part? Bing advertising works just like Google Ads. That means that you can transfer the same strategy over to the new platform, tweak it to fit the platform and customers you are targeting and reap the rewards.

44% of all business and finance paid search clicks occur on the Bing Search Network

As most people use Bing on their PCs, you’ll find that the search engine has a different demographic. The average Bing user is more mature, educated and affluent. They also spend up to 35% more shopping online than Google.

When it comes to purchases that require more time and research — cars, real estate and travel — users are up to 40% more likely to use Bing. If you are looking for more qualified and higher-paying leads, this is the place.

Basically? Whatever industry you’re in, you are missing a huge gap in the market if you don’t think of Bing.

Results For A Landscaping Company

🔥 From 0 leads pm to 300+ leads pm
🔥 200x Growth

Ready to skyrocket your sales?

Imagine what you could do with a few creative ads and well-targeted strategy! Partnering with us could be the start of a whole new stream of revenue for your business.

If you’re ready to take a swing on Bing, we’re here to help. Talk to one of our digital strategists today by calling us at 1800 732 724 or leaving us a message.


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 Fantastic company to deal with. Very professional and a high attention to detail that is not normally seen in an Australian business. Recommend these guys for SEO and website building.
Managing Director – Bang Packaging.

 We have found SMG to be very professional, proactive and helpful in respect of our marketing needs. The whole team are also very helpful and have gone to significant lengths to assist us with any technical issues we have had to deal with. We highly recommend Search Marketing Group to anyone seeking a quality and effective marketing team.

 I have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 years now and i have been extremely happy with the service and results. My business has grown drastically because of these guys. Great job definitely recommended!

 I have been using Deepak for a long time now and would recommend SearchMG to anyone looking for great service and brilliant results. 8 years and still going strong.
Thanks Search MG team

We have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 years now and I highly recommend them. They have done excellent SEO on our website and also manage our Google Ads which has been generating an excellent return on investment for us since we came on board with them. They are professional and also go the extra mile to help always. Keep up the good work.

I have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 to 5 years now and they have helped me grow my business from few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars over the last few years. Deepak and and his team are great and always go the extra mile to deliver. I highly recommend them.