BlogAI is Changing the SEO Game – Should You Be Wary?

September 27, 2017

Artificial intelligence is an inevitable concept. As technology rapidly evolves, we are becoming more and more reliant on computer-spawned innovation as a convenient and efficient alternative to human labour.

“AI” is a blanket term that actually covers many types of technology, from self-driving cars to personal assistants like Alexa to online customer support systems. And now, the topic is on the lips of every person working in Internet-based fields, as AI is changing the world of Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence is a double-edged sword, as the risk of completely automated content could make our jobs irrelevant. But as threatening as it may seem, it can also be very beneficial for digital marketers.

Here are a few ways that AI technology can help boost your SEO strategy:

  • It makes search engines more “human”. As we’ve previously noted, searches are now utilising the process of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to search for content rather than keywords, which allows web searches to match the user’s intent.
  • As a result, this makes for better content that reads and flows more naturally. Without keywords stuffed at every turn, you can write in a tone that feels more organic while still trusting that search engines will pick up what you’re putting down.
  • AI provides more reliable predictive analytics. This gives marketers a better idea about which audiences are likely to become customers or which customers to become repeat customers based on past information. It helps narrow our target demographics and look at our campaign history to speculate future leads.
  • If anything, AI makes our jobs more important (and our campaigns more successful) because we now have an opportunity to appeal to people on the computer, NOT the computers themselves. If searches are becoming humanised and more intelligent, than our likelihood of reaching the right audience improves.

With that in mind, there’s still quite a bit of strategy required when crafting digital content in the world of AI. Here are some considerations when developing your web presence and SEO tactics:

  • Make sure to answer questions better than competitors. Search results are your chance to stand out from your competition, but only if you provide the information that users are searching for. So be sure that your content answers the right questions in the right (read: easily understandable and straightforward) way.
  • Put more focus on visual content. The juxtaposition of quality graphics and text fare well in the current system of search engine rankings. Articles with images and videos are going to be your friend when you are trying to get your content seen amongst all the other competing material out there.
  • Get back to basics. What attracts people? If you were creating content for a magazine (or some other platform with no need for SEO as we use it), how would you find your voice? What sort of tone would you embrace and what content would you highlight? These questions are highly relevant when crafting content that is filtered by highly intelligent and “human-like” systems.
  • Avoid black hat tactics like the plague. It’s unadvisable to use such “unethical” methods anyway, but AI integration makes the process even harder (and therefore less appealing). As search engine algorithms improve, they will also become more adept at understanding black hat methods and stopping them in their tracks.

Until machines start creating all content independently and AI is spawning its own search algorithms, we’ll continue to tell ourselves that AI’s place within SEO is actually a positive thing.

So don’t be scared just yet– embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence if you want to boost your web strategy. And for even more help, contact Search Marketing Group today!

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