BlogAre You Being Scammed for SEO? How to Tell

March 8, 2016

You need to be careful when looking for high quality SEO services. As you consider building trust and success for your own business, you might not realise how many scams and cheats are operating online. Remember that with global opportunity comes global risk, and don’t be surprised if you find someone wanting to charge a fortune for something that’s worth absolutely nothing. SEO is often a mystery to business and website owners, and whilst some people are suspicious of its value, others are prepared to blindly trust someone who seems to know what they’re talking about. You don’t want to fall into either of these traps, as both are fatal to website success.

The main things to look our for are those which are ‘too good to be true’, which are promising ridiculous results in short spaces of time. This includes pre-packaged SEO which utilises outdated strategies such as blasting links to hundreds or thousands of websites. You might indeed see thousands of new hits on your website initially from this kind of approach, but not only is this temporary traffic – it’s also useless, or even fake. In some cases you might be paying someone who then simply uses the money to pay for PPC (pay per click) advertising. This will increase your traffic stats and may even be good quality, but it won’t last and is not true SEO.

Lastly, you should know as much as possible about who you’re paying for this important service. Do they have specialism in your market area? Do they have local or personal interest in your own business? If you are based in Melbourne and want your website to be known locally, then you could benefit from using a team with local knowledge and interest in other related Melbourne businesses. As the internet develops and become more and more targeted to what people are searching for, these details are more important than ever. If you know and trust a business and feel they have your best interests at heart, then this makes all the difference and can bring completely different results.

When you deal online with someone who doesn’t quite seem real, then they are probably not paying any attention to you whatsoever – apart from when taking your money. If you want to try a new SEO service then make sure you check and recheck online reviews, full company details (including address and phone number), and let the relationship build as you start to see results. Don’t pay large amounts too quickly, as you need to be sure you’re dealing with a legitimate and effective service. When done correctly and honestly, a paid SEO service is more than worth the cost, so don’t get stung by a shady company or individual or you might also end up missing out on a truly positive experience.

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