BlogBing, Yahoo – Do These Search Engines Matter For Your SEO Campaign?

March 6, 2017

In the world of search engine optimisation and digital marketing, Google is the most talked about. The domination is such that Google is nearly held synonymous for SEO for all the right reasons. However, other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also hold great potential for your SEO campaign. Let’s see how this works so you can design an effective campaign according to your available resources and your target market.

The Market Share Owned By Google: Google may enjoy the highest market share of 64% as a significant player in search engines but it still has competition from Bing and Yahoo. These two search engines also enjoy a considerable market share of 30%. In terms of website traffic, this means that one-third of the traffic coming to you is most definitely from Bing or Yahoo. To use these to your leverage, you should track where your traffic is coming from and if you are getting a substantial volume from Bing and Yahoo then this can be deployed to improve your overall online presence. This could be used to create brand awareness and so on.

The Growth Rate Domination: Besides a considerable volume of traffic both Bing and Yahoo are promised to growth. Owing to major factors like Microsoft’s investment in Bing and the increasing popularity of Mozilla; it is only sensible to include these platforms while you devise your SEO campaign. While a large segment of internet users may not be using Internet Explorer anymore, there is still a huge segment that is loyal to Microsoft and they would happily any alternative that Microsoft presents. Bing happens to be one such alternative. Older users make up most of Bing users and the importance of that segment cannot be ignored in terms of your SEO campaign.

The Higher Conversion Rate: Strange as it may sound to the ears but Bing has a higher conversion rate that Google and the trend are expected to continue.

The Unique Keyword Research Tools: Bing offers a lot of features that are beneficial for SEO and market research diversely. Bing’s keyword research tool is way more effective than Google’s Keyword Planner. Why? Because Google pulls out results from paid search while Bing’s keyword research operates on organic search terms.

For Those With The Low Budget Startup: Bing offers paid search marketing i.e. Pay-per-click campaigns thereby allowing its users to manage paid advertisements at a lesser cost than what Google offers. It can be argued that search ads on Bing, Yahoo will not generate as much traffic as on Google but again it is cheaper to do so.

So Are Bing And Yahoo Important For Your SEO Campaign? 

Bing, Yahoo are both just as important as Google for your SEO campaign owing to their growing audience and the enhanced features that they are constantly introducing. Especially, if your target base is the old age customers then it is highly recommended to use Bing search platform to your advantage. Moreover, both these platforms provide the opportunity to get started with low budget paid ads which could be a blessing for those with limited resources for startup.

As it is always sensible to have a diversified approach in employing tactics and strategies, it makes all the more sense to include all possible platforms say Google, Bing and Yahoo in your SEO campaign for a more leveraged search engine ranking.

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