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Looking to start the year off strong? It’s time to look at your current SEO strategy and see whether it’s up to scratch! Here are 6 SEO trends you need to be aware of to thrive in 2022.  MUM knows best Set to be released over the next few years, Google’s Multitask Unified Model (also...


While keywords aren’t the only aspect you need for effective search engine optimization, they are essential. Keywords are the foundation of your campaign and make all the difference in your results. This reason is why keyword research is an important stage of your SEO strategy. You might think your business-related keywords are apparent, but using...


Artificial intelligence is an inevitable concept. As technology rapidly evolves, we are becoming more and more reliant on computer-spawned innovation as a convenient and efficient alternative to human labor. “AI” is a blanket term that actually covers many types of technology, from self-driving cars to personal assistants like Alexa to online customer support systems. And now, the...


For those who checked out our “What does 2016 have in store for SEO?” blog post, we touched on the growing influence of voice searches. The growing use of Siri and Google Now means that people, more than ever, are conducting searches with their mouths rather than their fingertips. What are voice searches? Apple’s Siri...

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