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May 25, 2017

A website or a web address is one of the most common terminologies we hear every day living in the age of technology. A website is a must – if you want your business to even stand a chance in the marketplace. So what is a webmaster when it comes to websites?

A webmaster is a person who handles/maintains a website and this has a great impact on your campaign, especially when it comes to moving it to another domain. This is where the importance of Google Webmaster comes into the fold. And when it comes to changing your web address once you move to another domain, Google Webmaster is the way to go.

Google Webmaster Tools – And How It Works With SEO: 

Google webmaster tools, now known as Google Search Console, is a totally free web service solely designed for the webmasters. Just so that they can keep a track of their website indexing and optimising the visibility for their websites. Google Webmaster has provided the webmasters with the best of precision. When using SEO, any webmaster can now target a certain traffic for their website, can keep a track of where most of the traffic for their website is coming and thus increase their services there – resulting in better business! This is why you have to make sure you maintain your SEO while moving domains.

The Main Question: How To Change The Web Address Through Google Webmaster? 

Now that we know why SEO is important to a domain, it’s time to address our main problem: how do we change the web address if we have changed the domain using Webmaster? Google Search console provides the best method for it by using the change of address tool in Google Search Console.

But before you request an address change…

  • Complete the content migration before you move (this is important to ensure that you have all the content you need)
  • Add and verify your website with Google Search Console (once verification is secure, you can begin the moving process)
  • And then request an address change through Google

So how do you go about submitting a change of address? There are four steps that can help you: 

  • On the Search Console Home page, select the web address that you want to change and move on from
  • Click the classic “gear symbol” and from there, select the “Change of Address” option
  • Continue to follow the guidelines in the “Change of Address” tool. By following it exactly as planned, you will be able to secure the change of web addresses
  • Continue to monitor the traffic through the “Move A Site” option – with URL changes.

But about if you want to withdraw the change of address?

If you or another verified owner have incorrectly indicated a change of address for your site, you can withdraw that request after it has been made. When you withdraw a change of address, it stops the process of updating URLs for your old site. It is a very simple step: simply click and select your original site from the site selector and merely click “Withdraw”. And that is it!

Now, how simple is that? That’s pretty much how you move your website address if you change your domain. Pretty easy right?

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