SEO and Google Adwords are two marketing strategies adopted by most marketers to promote your brand and service online. Many marketers use these strategies individually, but using them together can boost your Melbourne business and helps in building a highly effective marketing campaign.

But how can combining the two make the difference for your online campaign?

Creating a comprehensively planned SEO strategy will bring long-term results and top rankings in the search engines. Google Adwords offers immediate results directing traffic to the displayed ads maximising cost effectiveness. Getting an understanding of the strength and weaknesses of both the strategies will help you integrate the campaigns and achieve higher ROI. In a way, you will be gaining both long-term stability and short-term results by combining both of these vital online marketing techniques.

Continue below and you can find out a few ways you can use Google Adwords with SEO to boost your Melbourne business:


Mastering Your Keywords Will Bring In The Traffic You Want.
You can use Google analytics and webmaster tools to find out which keywords are driving traffic to your site. Use those keywords in your paid search campaign. Adwords tools can help in determining whether that volume of traffic is worth the cost. Combine your paid and organic search bases on their associated competition and cost. You can use the highest converting keywords to help them rank organically. These keywords are important to your business and you should start creating content for those keywords to increase your rankings.

Landing Pages That Target Your Audience Will Keep Them On Your Site. 
Your landing pages should be aimed correctly. Adwords can help you assess the judgement of Google for those pages, important keywords on those pages and customers’ assessment of the pages, bounce rate and time spent on each page. Create sound landing pages which can be valuable to both SEO and PPC.

Assessing Performance For Both Will Ensure You Benefit Long-Term.
For SEO, if you are not in the first three top positions, it is likely that you might not get the traffic which you are looking for. For those, you can put paid ads on the top to leverage the benefits. Take your best-performing ads in terms of conversion rate and add those terms in meta descriptions and title tags. Also, take your best performing organic search keywords to see how they work within paid ads.

Content, They Say Is…
…king for SEO. Test your keywords for paid search first before developing content around them. If they work for paid search they will work for SEO too, and if they don’t, you should not waste investing time and efforts in those keywords. SEO results take time to make an impact and paid search is a good way to test without spending time.

By Looking At Your Competition, You Get The Edge You Need.
By looking at paid search reports, you can identify new competitors for particular keywords. This can give you the edge you need for your campaign – in both your SEO and Google Adwords departments. These are the few ways to boost your Melbourne business by using both paid and organic search. It can help in creating a big impact for both small and large businesses.