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December 10, 2015

YouTube is a beast in the social media world. As it combines the connectivity of users interacting with each others and the engaging content of videos, both professional and amateur, it is essential that businesses see YouTube as another stepping stone to connect with potential customers.

And just like you would use SEO to improve online traffic to your website, Facebook or Twitter handle, it is imperative that you use SEO to establish your YouTube channel as the predominate leader in your industry. To make that happen, you will need a few useful tips:

Keywords are Key.

Just like you would use keywords to push your website to the top of search engines, you will need them to establish your YouTube channel at the top of searches. Finding the right keywords for your business and, more importantly, for what your video is trying to show, is essential for bringing in more people.

However, the difference is that you should be aiming for descriptive and question-related keywords and phrases. Building your video and keyword strategy around one selected keyword is not going to work as successfully as crafting a phrase or questions.

Take for example: “SEO” is too vast to nail on a single video, as opposed to “Why SEO is good for your business”. The aim is to use keywords and questions that your future customers are going to use. Research to find these questions and phases to build a larger audience.

Where should you be using these keywords?

Wherever you can, but be careful to not overuse them to drive up your ranking. Keep it professional, as users will notice when you’re trying to overload the page with keywords.
As for the vital sections in where you should be using keywords…

    • Title
    • This goes without saying that NOT putting a keyword into your title is not going to pay off well.
    • URLs
    • Just like any other website, it is important to ensure that URLs are effective in establish your unique video.
    • Meta-descriptions
    • Similar to URLs, where it is important to have the keywords so Google recognises your video.
    • Tags and Categories
    • When you upload your video, you will be given options to put your video under categories and tag them with words. Use keywords in these instances and use them well.
    • Descriptions
  • You can just jump to the next point now…

Quality is king for descriptions.

When it comes to the descriptions of videos, it is important that those sections are seriously bulked up with high quality and valuable content. Just like Google would recognise and search for excellent content, the same applies to descriptions on YouTube.

Loading up your description with quality content, and of course relevant keywords, will be key to bringing in more traffic to your YouTube channel. But easy there on the content writer, there is no need to write an essay, just enough content that contains the essential and vital information of your video.

Furthermore, adding links to your other social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others, will bring in more followers to these networks and create an overall connection.

Content-Rich Playlists.

You know what annoys YouTube users? Jumping on a channel and finding the page a complete mess, with videos all over the place, not organise and difficult to find.

Breaking down your videos into keyword playlists is another fantastic way to establishing your channel within Google’s search engine. Furthermore, it makes it easier for users to search through your channel, creating a level of trust and confidence in your brand. It is all about making your followers stay on your channel as much as possible, and making it easy for them is how that is going to happen.

Don’t treat your YouTube as an extra burden for you to manage. Think and approach it as another opportunity to expand and grow your brand online. YouTube is an essential tool in building your audience online, and combining it with SEO is going to take it to that next level.

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