Search engine optimization,or SEO, is not always understood very well by business owners. Yet if you have a website that you want people to find, the use of effective SEO is extremely important. You might say ‘why can’t I simply create a website and people will go to it if they want to?’, but this is missing a big part of the picture. Of course, if you direct someone to type in your website address specifically then they can find your website.

Also, you might pay for advertisements which might send people to your website, and may or may not result in customers. Both of these options are highly limited. In the first case, the person visiting your website is already very interested and possible already a customer. In the second case, advertising is an ongoing expense which, although useful, is not good enough in itself.


Benefit Number 1:
The benefits of effective search engine optimization come in two main parts. First of all, by building SEO into your website you are priming the whole online experience to be centred around the most important and focussed elements of your business. You are building useful content that will interest your potential customers, and you are linking to other online businesses which builds your brand, credibility and momentum.

Benefit Number 2:
On top of this, you are creating a powerhouse of productivity, as your website, continues to grow and become more and more interesting to the big search engines, social media networks and internet systems in general. Just like in the offline world, you are establishing your own authoritative presence, and you are becoming recognized and trusted the more you do this. If, for example, you run a pet shop in Melbourne, then you would want to become well established and trusted, so that all the local pet owners can trust you are selling them good quality and can be relied upon.

With a website, SEO is the equivalent of this phenomenon. It’s the difference between a successful business and one that nobody cares much about. So the answer must be a resounding ‘yes’, you do need SEO for your website!