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March 3, 2017

If you are running an e-commerce website for your Melbourne business and you want to maximise your returns from it, here are a few tricks of the trade that you would prove greatly helpful in achieving your goal.

Like any other business strategy, it is important to carry out preliminary research, in this case, it would involve keywords research and your competition research. You should dig deep into the kind of keywords and phrases that are being used by competitors (especially those with the highest rankings). Then you should also research as to where it is that they are getting their inbound links from on their e-commerce website? Open Site Explorer is a popular tool for this kind of link research.

It is important to identify and study the website architecture of all sites that are in competition.
Take a deeper look into their navigation in order to find out the depth of their inbound links. Key indicators to look at include: recently viewed products, related products, top related products, popular products in a certain category, see how social they are, do they have a blog? This would help you design the architecture for your Melbourne business e-commerce website.

Once you have carried out the above mentioned research then you should compare your website and identify areas for improvement or rectify any site errors that may exist.
Common website errors include redirecting of pages, duplicate content, meta titles and meta descriptions.  There are many free tools that you can put to use for finding website errors. These tools run through all of your e-commerce website including links, CSS, images, scripts and associated content like apps and analyse them for good SEO.

Another major E-commerce tip for maximising your Melbourne business is to see if it loads fasters because if it does not; that’s a problem.
Visitors do not wait for websites to load when they have so many other websites just a click away. So you determine the speed of your website and make it load faster. A popular tool for testing website speed is Pingdom.

Put extra effort in the on-page optimisation of your website which would get it better ranking.
There are multiple facets of on-page optimisation which may include but not limit to the following features.

  • Site structure: the main design of your e-commerce website should be thoroughly planned and simplified for higher ranking. This also includes planning of where you would place links. 
  • Internal linking: is all about building links within pages of your Melbourne business website. This way you can establish your own anchor text and get rankings for top keywords. It is also recommended to include a sitemap for Google to go through your entire website and index every page.
  • Keyword optimisation: this simply implies placing the keyword in all important locations like the page title, meta title and description, headers and subheaders, product descriptions, image file names and image alt tags, paragraph copy and URLs.
  • Usability: what good is your e-commerce website if it is not usable by your target customers? This implies that your customers should be able to easily (a) navigate through your products online (b) checkout (c) contact you as and when they need to.
  • Mobile optimisation: As more and more users now reach out for their mobile phones to search and shop for products, therefore, an important e-commerce tip for maximising your Melbourne business would be to have your website optimised for mobile. This would help reach the larger customer base of mobile users and thus get you higher ROI.
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