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January 20, 2020

If you’re like most people, then you probably use Facebook. With more than 2.07 billion monthly active users, Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the most influential social platforms. Which means it’s also one of the best marketing platforms for businesses. The platform is fantastic for creating brand awareness, engaging with customers and giving the world a much better idea of your business.

All social media, especially Facebook, is a critical part of every marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have helped many businesses in Melbournereach more people. A proper SEO strategy for these social media platforms will help your business reach a new level.

Businesses of all kinds have experienced a complete shift in recent years as they discover their clients and customers haven’t even seen their website but only their Facebook page. Which means social media platforms like Facebook allows you to reach people who you know are interested in what you’re offering.

It’s an invaluable tool which makes a hugely positive impact in your online campaign. That’s why you must bring together the best of SEO with your Facebook marketing.

Your website can get found by search engines when it’s effectively using SEO strategies, but your Facebook page also needs search engine optimisation to get noticed within Facebook searches. Someone looking for a hairdresser in Melbourne, for example, might well perform a Facebook search first.

For reasons such as,

  • They want to see how your business looks
  • If social interactions are timely and friendly
  • If it appears inviting
  • If people have left comments and recommendations
  • If people have checked into the location

Previously businesses paid a fortune in ongoing advertising.

But, the exciting news is once you’ve developed and continue maintaining your Facebook SEO strategy effectively, you’re tapping into giant social networks’ audiences without the cost of expensive advertising. As well as building trust, authority and reaching huge audiences which are more targeted and accurately skewed towards your business than we ever imagined possible before. Which, of course, is a crucial aspect of any businesses marketing strategy.

Apart from the internal Facebook search, you can also show up on other search engines with your Facebook page, as Google, for example, also indexes Facebook.

If your brand name and URL match on your Facebook page, then this is a good start. Also, make sure to get listed in the right category within Facebook.

With the Melbourne hairdresser example, you’d want to select the ‘Local’ category and include subcategories such as health and beauty.

Remember to use plenty of high-quality SEO content, pictures, and interaction with customers as is worth its weight in gold for your business to get found.

Vital SEO Methods Your Facebook Is Missing

Maximising the reach of your Facebook posts with SEO will help you in driving traffic to your site, attract and engage audiences and improve your visibility through keyword optimisation.

Although social media does not have a direct impact on a Google search algorithm, remember, they do have some correlation as we said above. More exposure of your page to a broader audience which means more people clicking the links.

More clicks mean more traffic, which is vital for your rankings. More people sharing your content improves your chances of boosting your search engine rankings. So, how do you maximise your Facebook business page to achieve this?

Your Name Is One Of The Most Important Steps

Don’t be generic.

Create your Facebook business page with your business name. Google gives more importance to the first word in your title. Therefore, it’s essential to use your business name, which can help gain more and more traffic and connect with your audience.

Create a URL

Once your page reaches a few likes, you can create a unique URL for it which is heavy weighted by search engines. The URL you create should reflect an aspect of your business. Also, make sure to fill the necessary information which helps create a positive impression.

Use Keywords On Your Facebook As You Do For Your Website

It’s an integral part of every Facebook page as a website. Keyword optimisation is the base form of on-site SEO. Use relevant keywords in the description to let people find you. These keywords help in optimising the page, which means it becomes more visible.

Pin Important Posts to the Top of Your Page

Pinning helps in boosting visibility. Pin posts which highlight your top content remember, with most social media, trends change quickly. So don’t let yourself fall behind by not being involved in the latest trends. Put your most important posts up top, so you ensure your page and business visibility.


  • We’ve covered why Facebook marketing is critical
  • How to set up your page the right way.
  • And the importance of maintaining your page and building SEO strategies.

Strategic decisions need to get made to maximise ROI from your Facebook marketing campaigns.

So, let’s look now at the top 5 Facebook marketing mistakes NOT to do.

Share Content Which Shows You’re Desperate For Likes and Engagement

Millions of brands use Facebook to market their products and services, so you can’t afford not to.

Publishing content which portrays your brand as one that’s desperate for likes and engagement is one of the surest ways of flushing your investment on Facebook marketing down the drain. Avoid posts which request followers to comment or like in a way which doesn’t flow with your post and may appear pushy. This type of post will compromise your business and make it challenging to get tangible results from the campaign.

Instead of such posts, consider offering exciting facts about your niche or commenting on general topics which your audience may find interesting and empowering. And then invite them to provide their thoughts as well.

Posting Inconsistently

One of the guaranteed ways of gaining followers on Facebook and spurring interaction is by posting fresh content consistently.

Show your followers you care by posting new content as frequently as possible but do not overdo it. Because, if you fill up their newsfeed with content and notifications, they may as well decide to unfollow the page.

To avoid this happening, you can create an editorial calendar for your Facebook. This organisation ensures your marketing campaign will remain constant but not overwhelming.

Your primary goal as you create your content calendar should be to inspire the audience and keep in their front of minds.

Posting Irrelevant Content

Before you publish or share a new video or post, ask yourself if your target audience may be interested in it. Sometimes, it’s not easy to know if particular content is relevant. So, we recommend to carry out extensive research online and offline to understand what your target audience is most interested in. What type of content is most likely to elicit positive emotions and motivate the audience to take the desired action.

Not Responding to Comments

How will your audience know you’re human if you don’t take time off your busy schedule to read and respond to their comments? If you’re to succeed in social media marketing, you need to be social and confidently react to not only comments but also questions.

The comments can provide ideas about the most relevant content to publish as well as improvements which may need to get done on your business to give it a higher cutting edge in the market.

Trying Too Hard to Sell

One of the main reasons why you’re running a Facebook campaign isn’t only to increase your brand awareness but to sell your products too. However, trying to make a sale every time will automatically chase away customers to your competitors.

Remember, Facebook is a social network and people are there to be social.

Ideally, it helps if you focus more on interacting, building a community, and offering the best user experience as humanly possible. By doing so, your followers will get naturally hooked on your brand, and with time they’ll increase their spending potential once they trust you.

Advanced Facebook Paid Marketing

Unknown to most brands and individual marketers is “Boost Post” is not the only way to reach out to a broader audience and get more interactions.

Facebook Analytics gives you a clear perspective of your audience by providing data you can use to target specific segments of your audience with ads. Go an extra mile and leverage Facebook Power Editor to come up with great ads for new products, but be vigilant not to spam your followers’ news feed.

Remember, optimising your Facebook page with SEO helps you in boosting traffic to your website, which means you get more leads. Failing to do so, sees your business fall behind your competitors. So stay ahead of them by following our tips above.

Managing Facebook can be a struggle.

So if you need a professional touch, reach out and contact the experts here at Search Marketing Group today for more information about our Facebook and social media services.

And, finally.

What struggles do you have with your business Facebook page? Please post in the comments below. Or share any other ideas which work for your business.

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