There is always an ongoing debate on which of the marketing strategy works better for a business: SEO or Adwords. And while there are times that you maximise both to your great effect, many people don’t have the capital or don’t need both for their online campaign. The decision to adopt one or both of these strategies will depend on the nature of your Melbourne business and your industry.

Both of these are seen as the important components of search engine marketing of a company, to increase their site’s visibility. These strategies help your web page to be on the first page of the search engines.

What Is The Difference Between The Two? 

Google Adwords is a paid form of marketing which will display the ads based on the keywords you buy. It works on a pay per click system, where you will have to play every time someone clicks your ad. SEO includes organic search results which are displayed based on the optimised content. Both of these strategies are different from one another.

But how do you go about making the decision that actually benefits your business? Continue below if you want to find out the comparisons between these two valuable strategies. From here you can decide which of these strategies will be the best for your Melbourne business:

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SEO Might Be Cheaper, But It Takes Time. Unlike Google Adwords.
SEO generally has no cost, as you just have to adopt SEO techniques and apply them. Once your business grows, the increasing competition may induce you to hire professional SEO services in Melbourne to further boost your efforts. With Google Adwords, you will have the cost of the agency managing your campaign as well as the cost of the ads. In this, you will have a budget to pay when someone clicks your ad. It may seem costly to some but is relatively cheaper than print ads.

SEO Results Take Time To Generate. Adwords Is Instant, But Costly.
SEO takes time to generate traffic and leads for your website. It also involves a lot of factors to consider to measure the actual results. Google Adwords can get you quick results and can be linked to Google Analytics to track and measure the website’s performance.

Adwords Will Give You Leads Right There. SEO Will Give You Longer Term Leads.
Adwords can get more leads in a short period of time, but the views through SEO are more sustainable and can get more views over a long period. It comes down to what you want: do you want quicker results now, or a longer term strategy?

Keywords Form The Backbone Of Both. But Are Used In Different Ways.
SEO involves the use of less, but relevant keywords, with Adwords, you can use several keywords to expand the reach of your ads.

If you are looking for fast leads for your Melbourne business, Adwords is the best for you. If you want steady growth, you must invest in employing effective SEO techniques. Adopting both of these marketing strategies can prove to be more beneficial and you should continuously measure the success of each of these marketing efforts.