Google’s Penguin 3.0 algo update: What you need to know

November 3, 2014

It was released hoping to remove spam from the Internet, and it has caused quite a shake-up, for some, since its release. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about Google’s Penguin 3.0 algorithm update, which was recently unveiled.

By cleaning out spam, Google was hoping to provide a better user experience, but unfortunately for some webmasters, this has resulted in a lot of cleanup work. And others have noticed positive results where keywords that never used to rank now rank high. It has been a mixed bag!

This was the sixth release of Penguin, which was first unveiled in April 2012. This update has come almost a year after its last release. Webmasters worldwide were waiting anxiously for this release because, as with any algorithm change, it is hoped that any bad fallout can be minimized. However, Google told Search Engine Land that this update was more of a ‘refresh,’ which meant those who had repaired any issues after the last update could then be released from the blacklist, so to speak. Likewise, those who did not make any changes regarding the previous update were more likely to notice a drop in rankings this time.

Because the previous Penguin updates had struck many people, most people had already done what they could to ensure they weren’t struck again. This meant cleaning up any links that could be deemed spam.

Either way, webmasters are encouraged to keep an eye on their sites for the next few weeks to keep on top of any changes to their rankings. Any sudden drops are likely to be the cause of Penguin 3.0, and as always, it is best to work to get this fixed ASAP. It has been advised to identify all sites that link to yours, and if any would be deemed inappropriate by Google, to get these links removed. Adhering to all of Google’s guidelines and updates will only result in your site’s success. Now and in the future. Doing otherwise really isn’t worth it – you never can be too sure what they will be bringing out next! We will be keeping a close eye on any announcements for future updates.



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