Google is the undoubted king in the realm of search engines and the wonders it can do for businesses are second to none. That is why it is important to make sure that you get Google to work for your business instead of the other way around. You have to look to maximising the potential of your website’s by following along with what Google wants and then push its limits.

Wondering how this can be done? Let us take a look at how Google could actually work for your Melbourne business.


Google Wants Mobile responsiveness:

The advent of smartphones the market for mobile phone users have gained a crucial market share of the consumer market. Google, therefore, stresses the need for prioritising mobile optimisation for businesses.

Consumers are more comfortable buying from brands that have an online presence and have a mobile site as well. Google went so far as announcing a penalty for websites that are not optimised for mobile phones. This is because the overall consumer population across the globe spend more time on their mobile phones, searching for products and services, looking for best available options, comparing brands and following endorsements to make purchase decisions. It has become critical to capture the mobile phone users market in order to maximise returns on investment. On the other hand, it can be argued that Google’s penalty for ‘non-mobile optimisation’ is merely for the benefit of users and not businesses. The recent trends show that consumers look for mobile responsiveness when it comes to sites, emails and so on and Google wants to ensure that without fail.

Google wants to have your business location listed:

It is important to have a location for your Melbourne business but it is extremely important to have it listed on Google My Business. If you are wondering why then here’s the answer. Local web hunters seek mostly seek for contact details including location and address of a business. This basically implies that if a user searches for a business on their mobile they are serious buyers with the greatest possibility of a conversion. Having a locally listed business is directly proportional to a higher outreach to your store.

Google’s Autocomplete

Did you ever wonder how Google’s autocompleted works? Well, Google is continuously collecting information on the type of keywords you or other users have entered. It further links up the information looked upon by previous searchers and on the basis of that, it displays suggestions when you enter a specific keyword or set of terms. The suggestions Google predicts are largely dependent on the location and language as Google ranks this suggestion. Google suggestions will contain a recent search even if that search topic does not have the highest ranking. What is it if not customization of your search predictions! This could work dynamically for your Melbourne business.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

With intelligent use of how the SERP functions on Google, you can choose the placement for your business, to have your website listed on the results page. Understanding the three basic types of Google search results namely paid search results, local search results and the organic search results (in the respective order of listing on the search engine results page) will make you strategize your online presence on Google search engine.

Google Adwords

If SERP does not work for you to get ranked among top three in the local results then it is best for you to switch to Google Adwords for your Melbourne business. That will ensure that your business website does appear on the first page of the search results.