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August 16, 2017

Many people think that a landing page is a simple creation; made on the spot without any thought-process. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. There are landing pages, and there are landing pages that convert. There is a substantial difference. Getting your audience to visit your poorly made and constructed landing page can completely turn them off your business. Getting your audience to visit your high-quality landing page and getting them to convert is a work of a master.

So how you do make one that converts? You have to start from the very beginning – the foundation of why and how you can get the best landing page for your website.

What Is The Goal Of The Landing Page?

Before anything else, you must ask yourself: why are you trying to get people to your landing page? Is it to fill out a form, to purchase something, to get a quote or the sign up for a service? There are hundreds of reasons why, but you have to find the one that is made for tailored to what you want to sell. From here, you can build the rest of the campaign.

Who Is My Competition?

To first get your audience to your landing page, you have to know who is taking your audience away firstly. This is where researching your competition and seeing what they are doing is going to help you. During this process, see what your competition is doing, how they are doing it and what are the key points they are selling. With this framework, you can move onto the next question.

How Can I Be Different From Them?

Now, you might never find out how successful your competition is. How their landing pages work, if they are converting – that’s something that you aren’t privy to. But you can look what they are doing and learn from it. And then be different from them. You need to be unique and showcase a new point of difference so you can bring your audience to your page instead of the competition’s. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t, but being a carbon copy won’t appeal to your audience, as they might as well go to your competitors. Stand apart from them by being different.

Who Is My Audience?

Who are the people that are looking for your product or service? What makes them tick? This isn’t an easy question to answer, as you’ll have to go deep inside of your audience and find out what makes them tick. Understand them, learn what makes them want your service or goods, and most importantly, you have to know what platforms they use. Are they Google users? Do they jump on Facebook or Twitter? This is important because where your users reside is how you will get them to come to your landing page.

How Can I Get Them To My Landing Page?

Once you understand your audience in-depth, you can begin the creative process in which you bring them in. Conveying the right message will help draw your audience in. Now, whether that is in the form of advertisement (noticeably Google Adwords or social media advertising), or if merely a link, you have to ensure that what you are selling is entirely constructed within that message. This is how you will you be able to bring in your audience.

This process is not easy or forgiving. It takes time, effort, planning and plenty of trials and errors. But when you nailed down a converting landing page, you can see your business enjoy a boost in traffic, sales and profits. If you are struggling with your landing pages and need that professional help, reach out to Search Marketing Group today.

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