How to Improve Engagement on Social Media Posts

January 19, 2015

While social media profiles are meant to effectively showcase brands, followers do not log on to their social media accounts to read robot-like status updates. Instead, brands should seek to find a balance between professional and casual. There are ways to remain true to professionalism while engaging with audiences in a charismatic manner that makes them feel happy to be involved in conversations.

Be a Person

Social media profiles are not websites. Websites are meant to showcase the professional aspect of a business, their mission statement, their goals, their story. Social Media is meant to bring all of those factors together and enhance them by adding an essence of personality; this is where your company’s culture really comes to life in a conversational tone that all of your followers can relate to.

Get Visual

While text is a good source of information, visuals are ultimately the most effective form of creating eye-catching posts. Furthermore, visual posts generate over 50% more engagement from audiences in all forms of interaction (likes, comments, and shares.) Even if you do not wish to rely solely on images, text can of course be incorporated as a supplement to photos, videos, and other media.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Studies have shown that social media posts with 80 characters or fewer get over 20% more interaction than longer posts. Keeping posts concise requires minimum effort from followers, and makes it easier for them to remember the key message.

Get Followers Involved

People are on social media to form a part of an online community; they like to participate in posts that they feel connected to, or that they can benefit from. Contests, sweepstakes, and prizes are a good way to generate interaction, specially if brands are able to incorporate their products and services into the incentives.

Time is of the Essence

Social media audiences have key times of engagement. Measuring metrics will help determine the time of day when audiences are most active. While this helps companies make a more educated prediction of when their messages will have the best impact, it is important to not rest solely on these time frames and test others as well to find which works best.

Timing is also important when it comes to content. Brands that promote relevant news and live events are more likely to generate engagement such as likes and shares.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Text can be informative and useful, but if used properly, it could also be a great tool for generating engagement. Calls to action via text posts that encourage users to “like, share, or comment,” as well as those that pose questions and require a response from followers are 100% more likely to create interactions. These will be great opportunities to make personal connections between a brand and specific customers.

Not all Social Platforms are Created Equal

Different audiences require different needs. While Facebook may be the best platform to reach a certain demographic, Instagram may be the better option to reach another. Testing out multiple platforms and monitoring engagement closely on each allows brands to spend an adequate amount of time catering to their most active follower groups as required.

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