In 2016, video is more predominant than ever. It is no longer a passing fad, it is essential and integral part of the internet. As we touched on before, video works in tandem with SEO, thanks to it bringing up high ranking search results. But many businesses and marketers are still not infused with the idea that video can truly dominant. But if you look at the benefits of how video will influence SEO in 2016…


…Such as higher Rankings.
If you nail down the keyword search within the description of your video, your rankings will rise higher than others. Videos are a great addition to search results and will pay off with higher rankings. And SEO is all about getting higher rankings so you can get more organic clicks and conversions.

…Such as more clicks.
Search results with videos or snippets of videos besides them get more clicks than others. According to a study by reelseo, 41% more people click on a search with a video next to it, than plain text. Videos lead to more clicks, which leads to more conversions.

…Such as controlling your bounce rate.
For those you don’t know, the bounce rate is a measurement of the number of visitors to your site, who quickly enter and then “bounce” away (leave), as opposed to staying on your website and viewing other pages. On average, people have an attention span of like 10 seconds, meaning they usually scan through a webpage. Video will entice people to watch it and stay longer on your site. A lower bounce rate opens up the potential for more conversions and interactions.

…Such as increasing backlinks.
Backlinks are part and parcel of modern day SEO. This link building method is valuable as it allows connections to grow. The problem is that almost everything is the same at some point, especially when it comes to written content. There might be hundreds of backlinks to articles that include the same topic, while there might be only a handful of videos that discuss it. This is where the usefulness of videos stands out. Every video created on your topic will stand out, earn more backlinks and not battle too hard for the audience’s attention.

…Such as opening up more connections.
Videos are linked to Youtube. Youtube is linked to Facebook. Facebook is linked to Twitter. And the circle goes around and around. Connecting with customers through videos means opening up the doors to expanding your online presence through other social media networks.