It should be clear to most people today that mobile phones are already used daily and frequently by more and more people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Your SEO campaign must therefore take into account how huge and powerful this ‘mobile market’ really is, and be ready for reaching it. Still today, many businesses haven’t taken this into account, and many customers could be lost by a lack of understanding of the current mobile phone usage.

Your mobile phone can also be used, with applications (apps), to keep your own website updated on a regular basis. By using a mobile phone yourself to view your website, you are also understanding how millions of potential customers are seeing your website. In fact, if you don’t take this into account then any internet traffic which comes to your website could be put off your business by its lack of optimisation, so this cannot be taken lightly.


At least as important as the appearance of your website on a mobile phone is the phone’s ability to find it. If your website is friendly to mobile phone viewing, then mobile search engines will notice this too, so it’s another stone you mustn’t leave un-turned when it comes to effective search engine optimisation.

If you run a sandwich shop in Melbourne and people are walking around at lunchtime, tapping ‘sandwich shop’ into their mobile phones, then you want them to be directed straight to your front door. The simplicity of this reasoning is obvious, yet without correct mobile phone SEO then you might miss out on this kind of potential.

Since there is clearly no slowing of this trend, then any business must embrace the understanding of mobile phone usage today and how much of an impact this can have.