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February 17, 2016

Link building is essential if you want to build a strong and long-lasting SEO campaign. Unfortunately, many people do not see it as necessary factor in their campaign. As experienced professionals, we always believe in using link building to help SEO campaigns. The benefits are evident and essential, including:

Establishing your online authority.
Becoming an online leader can be done with link building. By publishing strong and high quality content on fellow publishing sites relevant to your business and industry, users will quickly see your brand as the leader of the pack, thanks the level of trust in these fellow publishing sites. This leads to more referrals and more conversions.

Stronger Brand Visibility.
The more links that are established, the more visibility that you gain with your brand. More and more users will see your brand throughout these sites, increasing the chance for greater brand recognition and more direct organic (free) traffic to your site.

Dominate Your Search.
Google uses the quantity and quality of inbound links (amongst other things) to help determine which pages rank higher. It wants to assess how strong the authority of your domain is, and it measures this, by counting the number of relevant links to your website. The more invested you are in your link building, the higher your rankings will go. And we all know the importance of higher search rankings.

Referral Traffic.
We touched on this above with your online presence leading to more referrals from users. While having higher rankings does help you with your ROI and conversions, traffic is key here. Referral traffic will help you get those conversions, and as you continue to focus on link building, you will notice it continually rising.

Long Term Investment:
Compared to traditional paid methods such as paid ads or Google Ads, link building is designed to last the distance. It is a long-term commitment because as long as the link and its connection to the page continues to remain active, the visibility and possible of referral traffic remains open. Once you commit to investing in link building, stick to it: the payoff is worth it.

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