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July 2, 2018

Millions of people access and use the internet on a daily basis.  The ability to connect to the internet from your mobile device makes it so convenient to log on to do your shopping, find information or be entertained.  But new businesses still have a pretty tough time to lure traffic to their sites despite the fact that hoards and hoards of prospective customers are online at all times.

This is because established businesses use intermediate online marketing strategies to ensure that their websites stay listed first on the lists of search engine results, they have superb link building foundations and their SEO strategies are already in place.

But just because it is hard to break into the stream to get your fill of traffic doesn’t mean that it is impossible at all. With the right digital marketing strategy, you can also enjoy plentiful traffic to your website in no time at all.

Link building is one of the best strategies to lure traffic to your site.  This is because this strategy is very valuable for SEO purposes since links are a strong ranking factor for search engines like Google.  Links are also terrific for audience development and links are great for marketing specific products or services to a specific audience.

So What is Link Building Exactly?

This method is very simple.  It is basically a link you insert into a blog article or advert that appears on a different, yet relevant site.  When the reader clicks on the link, he or she is directed towards your website.

Why Should You Invest in Link Building?

The method has plenty of great benefits in store for your website.  For one thing, it boosts your SEO ranking so your site will appear higher on Google’s search engine results which already boost traffic.  Another reason to have your link to relevant sites is so you can lure customers that might be interested in your product to your website.

How is Link Building Done?

Link building can be done through several methods.  You can create blog articles and post these as guest posts on other blogs.  You can create blog articles on your own blog with links to your site or products.  You can share links to social media channels with backlinks to your site. You can create adverts on other websites with backlinks to your site and more.  For successful link building, you need three things; trust, authority, and relevance.

Trust – People need to trust the information you are sharing or they won’t click on your link.  If your link exists in content that looks like a scam then you are very unlikely to get backlinks to your site.

Authority – Links should appear on authority websites and not on just about any random site.  Authority websites are much more trusted and that trust reflects on your business. A good example is a baby clothing company whose link appears on a reputable parenting blog or website.

Relevance – Your link should appear on a relevant website or you will be luring the wrong type of traffic to your site.  The main goal is not just to get more traffic but to get website visitors from people who are actually interested in your product.  By adding your links to relevant sites you are also much more likely to get traffic since those viewing that particular site are very likely to be interested in your product.

If your new business has trouble with link building then you can always ask a digital marketing company to take care of this challenging task for you.  With a digital marketing company handling your link building you see some big changes in website traffic numbers to your site in just a short while.

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