Search Engine OptimisationLinkedIn: Your business’ missing Social Media Beast

November 15, 2015

It’s part of social media’s “big three”, but LinkedIn has always been a little bit behind the eight ball for businesses, compared to Facebook and Twitter. But over the last few years, it’s made strides get ahead and help businesses grow their brand identity, their experiences and their ideals. Within the world of LinkedIn, there are a few nifty ways in which you can promote your business on the world’s third biggest social media platform.

Post recommendations/Give endorsements to people you know

The first part of networking is to make the first move. Posting a recommendation for one of your clients, shows a willingness to establish a connection. Same too when it comes to endorse businesses and clients’ skills. It highlights that you value your clients/business’ talents and skills. Be first to make the move.

Showcase your company page

Creating a company page is the best way to kicking off a connection with everyone on LinkedIn. And remember, everyone on LinkedIn is either a potential client, business partner or customer. You have to think of ways to connect with them. A company page is much like Facebook’s profile page or Twitter handle, the idea is to create a central hub that provides a complete overview of your business and highlight what you are all about. From here, you can build a following and establish a credible reputation.

Promote your expertise and business

There is no point having a company page without having anything on it. That means it’s ideal to load it up with anything and everything you can. Upload videos, photos, projects and works of what your business has done in the past, to highlight your best work. Secondly, continually posting up blog posts from your website or posts about your industry is great to establish connections but also show future customers, partners and so forth that you’re engaged to on your company and with them.

Join industry groups

How do you connect with people in real life? You go to parties, functions and public places and join groups. The same applies to LinkedIn: joining groups involved in your industry is a fantastic way of establishing customers and partners for the future. More importantly, it’s about networking.

Use SEO to boost your company page on search engines

Just like boosting your website through the use of SEO, you should boost your LinkedIn company page. Using certain keywords that match with your website, will bring in potential clients and customer, partners to your LinkedIn page and will connect with you.

Make quality Connections

The bread and butter of LinkedIn: making connections to potential clients, customers and business partners. But make sure you are connecting with quality connections that are going to help grow and network your business. Look for these two things when it comes to making a connection: a professional and respectable history and one with more than 150 connections. More connections means more potential networking for you.

….but don’t just make a connection

What’s the point of making a connection if aren’t actually going to connect with them? When a connection is established, don’t wait for them to message you, go ahead and get in touch with them first. And when making connections with direct messaging, make it personal, that way it shows you are a) a human and b) you’re treating your partners, customers as a person, instead of number.

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