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January 17, 2020

While Twitter isn’t as prevalent as Facebook or Instagram, you should still focus on using Twitter to market your business.

Because with 336 million monthly active users, there certainly are plenty of prospective customers to be reached.

What is a Twitter List?

A Twitter list is a grouping of multiple twitter accounts which fall under the same category. For example, you may have a Twitter list for all your friends, one for your prospective customers, one for your current customers, and you might even have hidden Twitter lists such as all of the competitors you choose to follow. Twitter enables you to compose your lists precisely the way you want, and you can include whoever you like in your categorised listings.

So, Why is a Twitter List Important?

You need effective SEO in order to increase organic traffic which comes from search engines. If you have a plumbing business in Melbourne, for example, you will want to mention plumbing and Melbourne-related keywords for both on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Compared with traditional SEO, however, social media is much more important when it comes to local SEO services because many customers may find you on one of the social media platforms instead. In this sense, your business’ Facebook page serves as your website for many potential customers. Recommendations, social proof and good reviews are hugely important for any business, and social media is leading the way in this department.

Twitter lists make it easier to filter the content on your social media account. You can easily ignore content and people you’re not interested in following, and you can navigate your way towards information and people you want to engage with. These lists can save you lots of time on unnecessary searches

If you want to find your influencers, they are listed. If you are looking for a bit of social fun, then you simply tune in to your friends’ lists. If you are looking to promote a new product, then all of your prospective customers are right there in your easy-to-access list.

Twitter Lists Are Free

You can list to your heart’s content on Twitter, and it won’t cost you a dime, where other social media channels require you to boost or promote specific posts to reach a particular audience. And we believe there’s not much better than a free social media marketing tool.

Must-Have Lists for Your Business

You can create as many Twitter lists as you need to make it easier to market your business. Here are a few must-have lists to improve your presence on Twitter.

  • Experienced leaders in your industry
  • Competitors you should keep an eye on
  • Support businesses, such as suppliers
  • Potential customers or your target audience
  • Target audiences at specific events, shows, locations, or who share a particular interest

How to Use Your Twitter Lists For Your Marketing

Once your Twitter lists are in place, it’s time to start using these lists to benefit your business.

Some lists, like competitors or experienced leaders, are there for you to learn from and to pull inspiration from. Watch what content these people share and find out what kind of posts do well.

Your other target audience and potential customer lists are great for promoting your business.

To start promoting, you can simply tune into what a specific target audience is up to.

  • Start engaging with these people
  • Comment on their tweets
  • Share their information
  • Ask them questions.

With simple engagement, you can rack up a surprising number of retweets, which are great for promoting your business and capturing the attention of more prospective customers.

Twitter lists can make it a lot simpler to promote your business and to get more interest from those who might want to start following you.

Follows are essential for boosting your businesses popularity and can eventually lead to a steady increase in traffic to your website, which means increases your sales.

The Truth About Buying Twitter followers

You might look at your business’ Facebook page and notice you have over 4,000 likes, and it’s always on the up. Then you look over to your Twitter account, and you see a measly 103 followers. How can that be?

You might have posted over 1,000 tweets, but you’ve noticed you struggle to build up higher levels on Twitter.

Well, there is no shock.

It is tough to get followers on Twitter – it’s a strange beast, where you have to regularly and consistently offer something for people to want to follow you.

The funny thing is in this day and age. You can buy twitter followers.

It’s a common action many people (from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama) and businesses have taken.

But should you to buy followers or not?

Will it help or hinder your business?

We break down the pros and cons.

The Pros

  • The more followers you have (fake or not), the real ones will jump on board and follow you. If you see someone with over thousand (or 100,000) followers, you must think they offer consistent and constant high-quality content, so you follow them.
  • For businesses, it’s all about promotion and showcasing your business’ high-quality content. It makes your business seem important enough to follow. By buying followers, you will appear relevant and thriving. This enhanced reputation will increase the chance of real people following you. It is all about looking successful, and this is where buying followers pays off.
  • It’s easy and cheap to buy followers, as there are plenty of companies who offer followers. You can buy over 1,000 followers for $5. That’s very special, and it’s hardly a dent in any business. Of course, the more you buy, the more expensive it gets. But 1,000 more followers could bring in another 1,000 real followers.
  • Buying followers is legal and common, and it’s a legitimate business. And yes, everyone does it as we said earlier from Lady Gaga to President Barack Obama.

The Cons

  • Fake followers are just that: they’re fake. They won’t respond or interact with you in any way. They are only a number. So if you are looking to get interactions through your Twitter, it’s not going to happen with fake bots. It’s easy to spot a fake bot.
  • Any social media campaign that you have and measuring its ROI, it’s going to be hard to assess. How can you when your followers are fake? It is going to be challenging to decipher if your campaign and social media efforts are working.
  • You can get scammed. There is no doubt about that. With any business or service, there are going to be those who will try to trick you. You could pay for followers, but get nothing in return. Keep an eye out for scammers.

 So, Does Search Engine Optimisation Work With Twitter?

The importance of social media in SEO cannot get ignored. Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform, and more and more businesses in Melbourne are applying SEO tactics to Twitter marketing. These techniques can help your account to show up on both Twitter and Google. Simply opening an account and tweeting will not boost your rankings.

You need to connect with relevant friends and industry peers to make yourself visible.

SEO surely works with Twitter, and you can gain a good deal of benefit from it. Twitter is an excellent way to increase a spot on organic search engine result pages (SERPs), to help your website and content gain visibility.

Here are a few ways to improve your business or brand and build more prominent links to be placed higher in search engine rankings:

Master Your Handle Name

Choose a handle name which is relevant to your company or brand and easy to remember. Your username will be a part of your customised Twitter URL which will work as a static address for future indexing.

Don’t use a lot of numbers as Google may flag it as spam.

Your Bio Should Be Relevant To Your SEO Campaign

Your profile or bio provides your page with its core relevance and is consistently indexed. Make the most of the 160 characters given to you. Its primary purpose is to explain to followers what you tweet about and why they should follow you. Include relevant keyword and hashtags in your bio if you have a campaign or an event coming up. Your profile photo also carries some SEO weight. Add relevant keywords to the filename of your photo, separated by dashes.

Start Loading Up Your Tweets With Keywords

It pays off with audiences. Try starting your tweet with a primary keyword phrase. Choose words wisely to spread your message in the best possible way.

Links Bring People To Your Website

Your Twitter profile needs a lot of links. You should link your profile anywhere you can with strong keywords in the anchor text. You can also encourage others to link to your Twitter profile to improve the authority it receives from search engines

Hashtags Are The Base Of Twitter

So, use them to maximise your tweets because they work like metadata for them. They help organise tweets and determine trending information on Twitter. So when it comes to reaching out to your audience in a consistent and focused manner, this is the technique you should be using.

Build your Online Brand Because It Increases Your Online Presence

And, finally.

A good and active Twitter account is not only helpful in SEO but also helps in building your online brand. It boosts your visibility by making new connections.

It is essential to be clear about your Twitter presence for your Melbourne business.

Optimising your Twitter account is vital in optimising your search engine visibility. You can connect to more people and build a strong network to gain the exposure your business requires.

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