Google Maps is one of the most used local search destinations and offers a great opportunity to market on a local level to reach your potential customers. If you want to maximise the reach of your Melbourne business, Google Maps optimisation will help you in achieving your goal. You can use SEO to increase visibility in the Google Maps results.

Do You Want To Know How It Can Make The Difference? 

Adopting techniques for Google Maps marketing have become an important part of local SEO in Melbourne. It is beneficial for every business looking for marketing to the local audience. Doing local maps alongside with SEO helps in driving quality local traffic to any type of business. It can play an important part in every business digital marketing strategy. Based on the users’ location and keyword search, Google search engine results pages display local map listings.

How Do You Maximise This Approach? 

Ranking high on Google Maps can be a little difficult for a business. The process is similar to traditional search rankings. Here is how you can use Google’s local SEO ranking factors to optimise your online presence. We start to focus on the essentials when it comes to your page and your listing. From here you can gain a strong foothold on your Google Maps and your Google search rankings for local residents.

  • Make sure that all the information on your Google business page is correct and up to date, including, contact information, address, operating hours and photos. Verify your page as it will show up in Google maps or when people Google your business name. Don’t create duplicate pages.
  • Create profiles on other online directories as it is important for your localised rankings.
  • Make sure that your name, address and the phone numbers are consistent on your website, Google account and social media pages.



Tips That Grow Over Time. 

This is the part that makes the difference. Getting people on your page will help in the long run.

  • Reviews form about 10% of Google Map rankings. You should try and get plenty of reviews as people see reviews when they search any business. The more reviews you have, the better it will be for your business to rank higher and it also helps in building an online reputation.
  • In your business title include location based and product and service based keywords.
  • Get reviews from the top reviewers in your business category.
  • Create a YouTube account associated with your business and upload videos regularly.
  • Most successful businesses will have a strong social media presence and Google looks for this. Make sure that all your profiles are complete and you post regular updates on them.
  • Make sure that your website is well designed and has quality content to get links from others. You can also contact other website owners or bloggers from whom you can get a link.

Using local SEO strategies for your Melbourne business can help you get higher rankings on Google Maps. This is why we strongly recommend that you focus on establishing and driving your SEO campaign by optimising your Google Maps.