Google updates their algorithm on a regular basis. Sometimes, these updates come through while you’re working on SEO for your site. This can be a very difficult issue for people, especially when you look at the complications that come with these updates. If you were to look at the past updates, like the Penguin change. You would find a lot of websites plummet from rankings, and getting lost within the world of search engine results. Some sites that were getting 100,000 hits or more, out of the blue plummeted from rank and lost nearly all of their traffic. This is the power of Google updates, and it can derail SEO campaigns. That’s why when you search for SEO Melbourne, you may get different results from time to time, because it’s tough to stay at the top, through optimization campaigns.


Plan A Is Long Term
The first thing that you should do is simple, have a major plan A. This is a slow moving process of optimization that should not be thwarted. It’s imperative that you work on this long term, because you want to ensure that the Google results pick up on your constant updates and backlinks that you were getting. This shouldn’t be shifted, no matter what happens. It’s important to have content strategies that are constant, and focused on the bigger picture. Your campaign has to have a main tier, but that’s not all.

Plan B Is Short Term
Here’s the thing, most companies don’t have a Plan B marketing schedule. They just assume that their SEO campaigns are going to survive the storm that comes from Google updates. That doesn’t always happen. If you are only relying on optimization, you are going to end up losing out big time. The second tier that you should have in place should be based on paid marketing elements. When an update derails your natural traffic, you are going to need to adjust your campaign, but to offset the losses, you’ll need to pay for advertising. Advertising options include PPC, banner ads, social media ads, and more. Focusing on these will help your site get traffic, and attention, even when search engines aren’t delivering “free” traffic.

Shift Often
At the end of the day, SEO campaigns should not be isolated to just one thing. There should be several tiered plans going forward. Without that, you will not be able to harness the power of search engines long term. Google is not one sided, don’t put all your focus on “one” marketing element, or you will end up losing out when the algorithmic shifts.