It is not secret to anyone that the use of mobile phones has increased over the years and this will continue to increase with each passing day, universally. Online market trends and customer infographics have revealed that an aggregate of 77% of consumers used their mobile phone to search for their intended purchase and end up buying through mobile websites.

Keep reading below to see how mobile phones hold so much power when it comes to your affecting your website and your SEO. 


In order to understand why SEO and your mobile phone need to work together one needs to understand the interesting dynamics of mobile phone consumers.

  • Mobile search volume is increasing at a rate of 130% year over year (as reported by Google).
  • About 50% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.
  • Mobile phones especially smartphones have become the best alternative to desktop computers and give users the freedom of multitasking.
  • Other than social media, people visit video sharing websites and retail websites (online shopping websites). This search results in the act of buying a product or service almost 99% of the time.
  • People search for local information using their mobile phones and it usually takes them a day to take an informed decision regarding a product or a service.
  • People use their mobile phones to find all best possible buying offers that they can get. This, in turn, leads them to the point of purchase i.e. the actual store, outlet etc.
  • Besides mobile phone users who initiate the search for information, there are consumers who are directed to a product or service via a mobile ad. 
  • Consumers tend to prefer to buy from retailers that have mobile websites; it increases the retailer’s credibility to them.

It Is Vital To Apply SEO To Your Mobile Phone – It Is Just As Popular As Computers When It Comes To Reaching Your Audience

Keeping all above behaviours of mobile phone users in consideration, it only makes sense to employ SEO for mobile phones. Just like businesses optimise their website for popular engines, they need to optimise it for mobile phones.  Businesses and mobile advertisers should ensure that they are easily ‘searchable’ via mobile phone search. Mobile customers can reach businesses easily if location based information about the product or service is made available to them. Businesses should use mobile advertising to their advantage in order to target consumers who not only use their mobile phones while consuming other media but are also influenced by it.

So what is the best way to maximise your SEO when it comes to mobile phones? You have to use it smartly and wisely. So businesses should keep in mind the following simple tips for SEO on a mobile phone:

  • The website layout should be simple so it does not look crowded on the phone. However, in keeping simple many developers forget about the size; it should be easy to view.
  • It is always recommended to include a sitemap for the mobile website.
  • In order to cater to the location based searches consumers make, mobile sites should be registered on Google Places.
  • Google’s mobile index is smaller and easier to get a higher ranking at.
  • Mobile URLs should be viewable on mobile phones
  • Using mobile filters in Google Analytics shows exactly how much of organic traffic is generated from mobile, how the users interact with content and whether they are converting to actual consumers.

In the ever-growing market of mobile phones and gadgets, SEO will continue playing the greater role to bring traffic to the mobile website as well as the actual store.