BlogSEO and AdWords Management: A Recipe for Success

May 29, 2015

While SEO and Google AdWords (PPC) are essentially two separate concepts and strategies, implementing both of these techniques is an incredibly useful way to make the most out of your overall marketing campaign. When these two methods are combined, they can trigger effectiveness and with that, more online visitors, more prospects, and more business!

Establishing Trust and Reputation

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is deciding to drop your AdWords campaign once your SEO has reached a high ranking on the first page. Having your business listed on both platforms — one organic, and one paid — establishes rapport as well as reassures prospective clients that you are a trusted and well-known source. When customers trust your brand, they are much more likely to hire you for the services they need or purchase your product with confidence.

Stats & Analytics

Being able to view both stats will give you double the insight and the data to figure out which keywords are working best for your campaign, then allowing you to modify and adjust it accordingly.

Testing “What Works” Takes Less Time

Data gathered from AdWords can be acquired than the data produced by organic SEO. A fantastic way to utilise one to boost the other, is by examining which PPC attributes are having the most success, and then drafting your SEO content similarly, since it has already been shown to be successful.

Utilising Your Own Search for AdWords Tips

When guests head to your website, more than likely they are looking for the answer to a question, or for a specific product/service. Allowing them to search through your site will give you insight as to the most popular words utilised by consumers to search for what they need. Once you have this information, you can create PPC ads that will have more relevancy and engagement.

Boost your Social Media Tactics

Aside from connecting with your target audience and providing insightful content, social media paid advertising can provide a lot of useful information in regards to SEO. With websites like Facebook, you can tailor your advertising specifically to suit the interests of your target market. Analysing how they respond to the content on your social media paid ads will provide even more feedback as to how to mold your SEO strategy.

Which one Should You Care About More?

The main concept to take away is that while these two methods are different from one another, they can work in harmony for overall success. You should not place more emphasis on either, and instead focus on simultaneously boosting the techniques used in each. With SEO, typically you will have to wait longer to see results but there is no additional cost involved when customers are directed to your website. On the other hand, the effectiveness of AdWords can appear almost immediately, but it does have an additional cost.

When you find the right balance between these two tactics, there is no doubt that your online marketing strategy will show fantastic results! For more information about SEO and Google AdWords management, contact us!

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