Standing Out in the Digital Job Hunt

October 11, 2015

The boom of the Internet and the conversion of business practices to the online world has meant an increase in digital marketing jobs. Of course, as with the case of an exciting, booming industry, more and more individuals are looking to break into it. We understand it is tough enough in this day and age to get a job in any field, let alone one specifically tailored to the digital field.

As professionals in the digital marketing world, we’ve gone through what you’re going through now, which is why we are ready to offload some valuable advice to make you stand out in the hunt for a digital marketing job.

Get that Experience Under Your Belt.

They say p’s get degrees, but degrees don’t guarantee jobs. In this day and age, experience is critical, so get it anyway and anywhere you can.

Ask online marketing companies and businesses for some work experience, pro-bono work, or, if you’re lucky, a cadetship. Ensure you gain valuable experience in the field – not just getting your boss a coffee. Work hard, gain experience, learn what your future job and career might entail, and add it to your resume (your online resume – but more on that below). When you finally get called into that job interview, you will have something concrete to show for your years of hard work.

Get that Experience Yourself.

Starting up a blog or a website with a portfolio only costs a handful of dollars and a few hours of commitment per week.

Your blog might not be that good, or your website might fail miserably, but in the long run, it pays off and puts you ahead of the chasing pack. Why? It shows initiative, commitment to building something from the ground up, and, more importantly, the desire to market yourself, your idea, and your beliefs.

Leave an online trail.

If you want to get into the online digital world, you must leave a paper trail of your online exploits. Get a Twitter handle and post about your work and your passions. Get two Facebook profiles – one for your work and one for your personal life. Update and get your LinkedIn profile loaded with the experienced needed. Show employers that you understand you know how to use these platforms and other online media. Show them that if you are given a job in the online world, they already know the basics.

Avoid Stupidity Online

Above, we mentioned “online exploits,” and we mean that in a professional and proper sense. Having a drunk photo as your Facebook profile picture is not going to help your cause. Employers are going to search you on Google to see who they are dealing with, and we’ve all read and heard stories of people getting sacked for stupid online posts. Be wary of what you put online.

LinkedIn Profiles are the new resume.

Facebook might be considered the behemoth of social media, but LinkedIn is the one that most employers are going to try to search for first. Make sure yours is immaculate. Keep it short, sharp, and loaded with all your online projects over the years. Make sure you tailor your profile to the industry and the career you are searching for. There is no need to mention your first job at Coles on Linked In. Also, ask for references and recommendations.

Most employers will ask for an emailed copy of your resume when you’re applying for a job and will search for your LinkedIn profile. There have been times when the two aren’t aligned or entirely different. This will damage your reputation because your employer won’t know what’s true. Ensure that your resume matches your LinkedIn “resume.”

Engage Yourself with the companies.

Retweets, comments on Facebook or blogs, re-pins, and so forth. Ensure your employers know you are interested in their company and the industry. It is all about networking, and employers want to see that you are keen to learn more and want to join the industry.

Read, Read, Read, and Understand.

Do you know what SEO means? Or PPC? Do you know which social media platform is better for one business than another? Which Web 2.0 features are best for specific projects? The online world is filled with vital information, and you must be always reading. Read blogs, read articles, read magazines about the online world, everything from SEO to blogging. The more you know, the better it is for you when you go for that interview. Employers want to see that you know the field. Read and learn.


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