Many people expect traffic to just show up on their pages. In fact, lots of people don’t invest heavily into long term SEO campaigns as a result. That’s why there’s so much fluctuation when you look up anything online. Whether you look for Melbourne SEO or just about anything you can think of, you will see changes from day to day. There are some people that focus on short term implementation, but that’s short sighted. If you don’t go long term, you could end up seeing a huge drop in interest.


Staying Power
One of the things that most people don’t realise about SEO is that it is fickle. Search engines know that sites are updated on a regular basis, and they want to make sure that they have the most relevant listings. In order to do that, they need to index pages that are working within the regulations of optimisation. For instance, Google has a set of rules that all webmasters have to deal with. They don’t clearly define their rules for marketing, but it’s required within their algorithm. If you don’t comply, you won’t get indexed high in the SERP. When you work on long term campaigns, however, you will be able to stabilise the shifts, and adhere to the index and algorithm rules that Google and others have in place.

Increased Visibility
In order to get noticed online, you have to be compliant with SEO. When search engines decide to change their requirements, and algorithms shift you could either get levelled or you could rise. Take for instance Google’s updates. They pushed out “Penguin” and “Panda” and these two levelled websites that were taking shortcuts in regards to marketing. This was so bad, that many sites saw drops in traffic to nearly 0. Imagine having 10,000 hits one day, and then having none the next, and nothing changing for weeks and even months. Well, that’s what happens when you do not have a long term SEO campaign in place. If you focus on small changes, and short term fixes, you will get left behind. But long term options allow for increased visibility when algorithms shift, simple as that.

Stronger Authority
The best thing about long term strategies is that they pay off dividends down the line. It’s like planting a seed and waiting for a mighty oak tree to grow. It takes time. The same goes with optimisation cycles and strategies. If you want to see a huge jump in traffic, you’ll need to be patient, and continue to cultivate good content design, and publish relevant information for your audience. Done right, long term implementation could relegate you the top of listings related to your keyword, for a long time.