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July 9, 2018

In order to effectively market your business online, you do need to understand the differences between online used terms and methods.  When it comes to search marketing the term ‘keywords’ is much more commonly used than the term ‘search queries’ and plenty of people make a big mistake by thinking that keywords are just a different term for search queries.  These search methods are not the same in the least.

Keywords are words that are most likely to be typed when users are using a search engine to find something they are looking for or to do research.  It is important to know exactly what keywords relate best to your product or service so you can boost traffic to your site.

Search queries are somewhat different.  These are the words and phrases that most people type into search engines when they are looking for information.

There are three major types of search queries that internet users will likely use;

  • Navigational search queries
  • Informational search queries
  • Transactional search queries

What are Navigational Search Queries?

This type of search query is targeted at finding a particular business, website, location or blog.  Users will type in certain keywords like ‘netflix’ into a search engine like Google when they are looking for the Netflix streaming site instead of typing the entire web address into the internet browser.  The search engine will then list a number links that relate to that particular search query. When you click on these links, you will be navigated towards the right site or to additional sites depending on the type of information you might be looking for.

How Navigational Search Queries are Used for Targeting

In order to use navigational search queries for targeting you should first understand how search engines process these queries.  Google, for example, reduces the number of results on their first page for navigational queries to help users find a particular site easier. This also reduces the overall organic listings by 5.5% for businesses.  But in some cases, people will use these navigational search query words like ‘Netflix’ to learn more about the company or to find reviews in which case they will not find what they are looking for on the first page of results.  The best way for businesses to target for this type of search query is by owning the navigational query brand and by using that particular word as a keyword as well.

What are Informational Search Queries?

These queries are quite diverse.  Basically, the user is looking for information and not for a specific company.  For example; if you are looking for a shampoo that can help your hair grow you might use a phrase like ‘hair growth shampoo’.  This type of query can result in a pretty long list since your list might include various companies, product brands as well as review sites.  The client simply wants a problem solved or wants to learn to do something.

How Informational Search Queries Can be Used for Targeting

The most successful way to use this type of query for targeting is by using SEO content on your websites, blogs, and social media channels.  SEO content is usually designed to lure traffic to your site by solving some of the most common informational search queries which might relate to your specific product or service.

What are Transactional Search Queries?

This type of search query is focused on finding information on transactions.  Users want to know how to make a purchase or how to order or how to find the best company from which to buy.  These are also the most valuable search queries because it focuses on people who are likely to make a purchase.

How to Use Transactional Search Queries for Targeting

You can use several techniques to target your products through transactional search queries.  SEO strategies are superb for guiding people to your site and especially to your e-commerce pages.  PPC is also incredibly valuable since this form of advertising directly takes the client to your specific product from the search engine.

All three of these query types are invaluable when it comes to getting plenty of traffic for your business and should be targeted in the correct way so you can get the best results from digital marketing campaigns.

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