While most people confuse the relationship between Google+ (or Google Plus, as some call it) and SEO, it is now a recorded stance that improving your Google Plus can get you better SEO results. Therefore it is all the more important to follow what the experts have to say on improving Google Plus:

Get more followers with G+ by linking keywords to your profile.

You may want to consider adding a Google+ badge to your website, placing a link to your G+ profile or linking to your Google+ profile when commenting on blogs. This will help in making use of your existing social network following and so on. 


Improving your Google Plus with SEO would also include adding the authorship to your articles from your blog posts to your G+ profile.

This helps in getting your profile a higher visibility in search results. Google Plus authorship along with G+ social layer delivers a vast array of social signals for improving the social media profile and SEO. What’s most important here is the collaboration between you and your content and also with those of a high/higher authority. Simply put, if a high authority profile/person is sharing your content they are basically increasing your authority. Social signals from Google Plus are an important factor in determining search results as they filter out the noise and improve the quality of search results.

Posting content on your Google Plus page is the quickest way to establish an effective following.

However, you should do the content posting in a certain way to make sure you achieve your goal. While you are at it, include a concise summary of the content that you’re linking with. Avoid sharing the link in the Summary box, though; use the Attachment area to do so. This will basically get you the SEO benefit of a DoFollow Link. Next, share the content with existing G+ circles. Choose the checkbox option of allowing to email your Google+ updates to your circles and select a target circle for certain type of updates.

Connecting your Google+ page directly to your website is another way of getting followers for your page.

Also connecting a Google Plus page to your website increases the relevancy of your content and thus aids in getting search rankings. Using hashtags in Google Plus is probably the simplest way to have every post connected to a search on the platform.

The most important step towards improving your Google Plus would be to track all the content that you share on Google+.

This enables you to correlate the SEO increases and any ranking increments against Google+ and other social signals. The best way to go about it would be through Google Analytics; you ascribe each Google plus link a custom URL sand then review its statistics on say a weekly basis.

How do you describe a custom URL? Well, it is indeed very simple to do so.

Begin with opening Google URL Builder in a new tab. Next, complete all information about website URL, Campaign Source and medium, Campaign Term, content and campaign name. Once all information has been entered on the URL Builder form, you simply hit Submit button and you’re done.

In a nutshell, an improved Google Plus page with SEO would mean:

  • An optimised page and profile
  • Interesting content
  • Tracking of shared content

So when it comes to your Google Plus account, it is very important that you look to maximise its potential with SEO. It can make all the difference for your campaign, for your relation with Google and for your Plus account, which given Google’s growing influence, is very important in the long run.