Many website owners have the belief that paying for SEO is unnecessary, and this is understandable at first glance. After all, it’s possible to write your own content and create your own social media profiles. Yet consider the finer details of SEO. To really optimise a website and integrate this with a full social media profile, and to keep this fresh and relevant in the eyes of the ever-changing internet, requires constantly updating knowledge and ongoing effort. There could be many hidden costs to your business if you are not paying for SEO, for two reasons – you may struggle to reach and maintain a full level of optimisation (therefore losing you sales), and you are losing your own time or staff hours trying to do it.

If you are running a car showroom in Melbourne, for example, then you need to be focussed on the daily running of the business. Anyone wanting to buy a car in Melbourne should be able to find you straight away, and when they do you need to be ready with your team to give them your undivided attention. In reality, most people who run a business well cannot be updating Facebook and Twitter feeds, checking backlinks, updating keywords and SEO content, and updating all the off-site SEO as necessary. If you are trying to learn about a new SEO concept and a customer appears wanting to buy a car, then your work is interrupted and confused.

Your mind might not be focussed enough on the car sale, as you’re too busy trying to keep up with your SEO issues. These services are what SEO experts dedicate their lives and time to, and therefore you can be sure that if you are paying for a good SEO services then all of these things, and more, will be done to the highest level of detail. So you are getting time and freedom to focus on your own special area of service, whilst enjoying the highest levels of search engine optimisation (and therefore increasing sales and brand profile) on an ongoing basis.