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March 16, 2022

With an estimated 11.56 million Facebook users in Australia – more than 40% of the entire population – it’s safe to say that your customers are on the platform.

So how can you best reach them?

Sure, having a strong social media presence is a must. But you also need to invest in ads so that you can push through the noise and actually get in front of a user’s eyes. 

Facebook advertising is an essential part of any social media marketing campaign – and your digital marketing strategy as a whole. 

To help you get started, we’ve got everything you need to know about Facebook ads and how you can begin to create some effective campaigns for your business. 

First of all… what are Facebook ads?

You’ve most likely seen Facebook ads and even tried giving them a go. But there are a number of different types of ads you may not have even heard of.

Today, we’re going to focus on image ads only, as these are the easiest to get started with and can have a great ROI for your business. But for those of you who are curious, you’ll find an explanation of each ad type below. 

Image ads

These are the ads you’ll be most familiar with, which appear as static images in your newsfeed. This is a great way to show off your products or services.

Video ads

Similar to image ads, this format includes video and can be more dynamic, attracting users’ attention while scrolling. 

Carousel ads

If you have a range of products, this can be a great way to show them off. Carousel ads involve up to 10 different images or videos, each of which can have their own links. You can also use this to create a panorama or to highlight the different aspects of a single offer. 

Slideshow ads

Using less data than video, slideshow ads are a great solution if you’re targeting mobile users. Using a collection of short clips or images, you can create a video-like experience without the budget. 

Instant experience ads

This is a mobile ad that will take up a user’s screen when tapped on, allowing them to experience your site quicker than if they were to click on your link and get a feel for your brand. 

Collection ads

Often used in tandem with instant experience ads, collections showcase up to 5 of your products and allow your customers to buy from you without leaving Facebook. 


Anatomy of a Facebook ad



This is where you convince a user to click through and convey what makes your business special. In other words, this is where you put your business’s unique value proposition. 

You’ve only got 40 characters, so make sure that they count!


This is your image(s) or video that accompanies the ad. It should be eye-catching and support whatever it is that you’re trying to emphasise to the user. 

Link description

Beneath your headline, you can include a brief description that supports your offer. This is a good place to mention free trials or other clarifying information. 

Primary text

This is that bit of text that sits above the creative. The job of this element is to support the headline and creative, giving any extra information that’s needed or making your offer seem more valuable. 

There’s a limit of 125 characters that will always be seen by your users – the rest gets hidden under ‘See More’. In most cases, though, you’ll want to stick to the limit (more on that later).

Call to action button 

This tells users what you want them to do next. Make sure it reflects the goal and call to action in the rest of the ad. 

How to create a great Facebook ad

There are a few things that separate good from great and help you get that click. Here are the 5 things you should consider when crafting your ad.

Identify your audience

While it is getting harder for businesses to personalise their ads, you do have options. By knowing exactly what type of audience you want to target and their demographics, you can make sure that your ad spend is going to where it’s needed most. 

Consider the length of your primary text

You’ll want to keep your primary text above the ‘See More’ threshold – especially for mobile users. When scrolling, most users won’t take the time to tap and read more, meaning you risk your message being lost. 

Keep it short and simple, and the right users will be able to get an understanding of your business at a glance. 

Use an eye-catching visual

Your audience has a surprisingly small attention span. To stand out from other posts and stop them from scrolling on, you need something different. 

Generally, you’ll want little or no text – only what’s absolutely necessary. Bright colours and human faces are also a plus. See what types of ads your competitors are putting out and try to take a different direction – this can help create distinguish you from the crowd. 

Include only one call to action

Your ad should only have one goal – and, therefore, only one call to action.

(Figuratively. You can repeat the call to action in your primary text or creative, but it should be along the same lines and not something entirely different). 

Your call to action should be short and direct. Things like ‘Sign Up’, ‘Download’, ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Learn More’ tell your user exactly what to expect and urge them to act. 

Consider your landing page

It’s all well and good to get a user to click on your ad, but what good is it if you lose them right after visiting your site?

The landing page you send people to should reflect the offer of the ad – after all, that’s why they clicked. If you’re offering a free consultation, make sure it’s front and centre. If you’re advertising a special deal, make sure that’s one of the first things your user sees.

If your ad is simply to build brand awareness, it can help to reflect the language in the copy of your website. For example, if you emphasise having a wide range of products or fast service in your ad, you’ll want to touch on this on the landing page. 

Need help with your advertising? Our social media specialists have you covered! Get in touch with our team today to see how we can widen your reach and bring in a range of new clientele. 

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