More than half of the world’s population use emails today. Within another couple of years’ time (probably sooner than that) more than 4 billion people will be using emails as a preferred method of communication due to solid reasons. Although email marketing has been around in the industry for quite a long time, it still plays a key role to keep customer attracted to businesses. Let’s have a look at why email marketing is still the key aspect of keeping your customers.

Email Is Still Among The Most Economical Marketing Strategies

One of the most attractive features associated with email marketing is its cost effectiveness. In general, one email marketing campaign can address a massive number of potential customers in Melbourne at a very affordable cost. When you divide the cost by the number of messages sent, the cost is simply negligible. This is some great news particularly for startups and small scale businesses in Melbourne that wish to run on tight budgets. In fact, when compared to conventional advertising strategies such as TV and billboards, email is extremely cost effective. Until a strong customer base is established and sustainable profit is generated, email marketing can play the role of a life saver for small businesses and startups in Australia.

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Emails Encourage Readers To Perform An Action

A well designed and written email is capable of encouraging the reader to perform some sort of action such as replying, signing up for newsletters, subscribing, forwarding etc. However, the effectiveness of the email will depend on aspects like content structure, design and the usefulness. Therefore, it is important to take all the measures to make the email attractive and make it convincing. Such emails are associated with significant conversion rate and ability to drive genuine traffic towards your website.

They Can Reach Your Customer Another Way – Through Mobile!

Practically, the majority of people in Australia use mobile phones to access the internet. These smartphones support emailing effectively and the compatibility is only likely to grow. Thanks to the ever developing technology, people can read and respond to their emails even when they are on the go now. This feature allows you to reach more customers with greater potential.

It Is Easy To Keep Track Of The Success Of Your Email Campaign

Some advertising campaigns hardly allow you to measure their success. However, the success of a well-directed email marketing campaign is easily measurable thanks to the wide array of tools available. Modern tools allow you to monitor who opened the email, how many receivers have unsubscribed it, on what links they have clicked etc. This is a very useful feature for any business in Australia undoubtedly.

It Can Be Personalised To Suit Your Customer

Modern day technology offers numerous tools to personalise the emails. Thanks to the efficiency of these tools, you can categorise your receivers and send them personalised messages even with their names in it. Such emails have greater potential to be opened.