Search Engine OptimisationWhy Small Businesses should be using Google Place Listings

November 22, 2015

One underused and often neglected method to draw online traffic to your website is the optimisation of Google Places Listings. Many local business owners of all industries (from labour to white office jobs) often ignore creating and developing a Google Place Listing because they figure it is time consuming, inefficient and less effective than other online strategies.

In fact, by neglecting the promotion of your business on this very valuable Google asset, you are potentially losing profits, damaging your reputation and falling behind the competition. This is why it is essential to optimise your Google Places Listings to maximise your business, and its online potential.

What is Google Place Listings, you might ask? It’s a unique Google service that provides businesses with the platform to share vital information about themselves, including its services, products and most importantly, the location of its store, or stores. Essentially the purpose of this Google asset is to expand the audience and customer base of businesses, boutiques and retail stores, that sell their products in person and online.

These are of course, the major benefits for Google Place Listings. There are of course, PLENTY of benefits:

  • It’s free. That’s right, you won’t spend a cent on it.
  • You don’t have to be tech savvy to use the service. It’s easy, and once you’ve started, you’ll know what to do.
  • You can manage, edit and promote your Google Places Listings anytime and anywhere, thanks to mobile phones and the Google app.
  • You’ll connect with millions of Google users. It’s the number one search engine in the world (and driver of all online marketing campaign and algorithms), so you’ll be missing out on plenty of customers.
  • Streamlined analytics means your business will be found easily during searches.
  • Your online and offline reputation will increase if your service and information is well presented
  • Your customers will be satisfied with your business, and that is vital to establishing loyal connections.
  • Potential to extend your brand online to new buyers.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your overall online marketing campaign.
  • Connects with customers through simple mobile phone use.
  • Your visible increases thanks to the connection to Google Maps.
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