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March 8, 2016

When building effective search engine optimisation, or SEO, you need to keep up to date with all aspects of it. With a handy checklist of the most important things to set up and remember to keep updated, you can refer to it regularly and maximise your online ratings. This article is not about content writing such as how to rank highly for Melbourne retail websites, which is covered in other articles, but the wider SEO picture and the general yet essential things you must do.

– You must install Google Analytics for tracking.

– Install Bing webmaster tools.

– If you use WordPress, Google Analytics by Yoast and Yoast SEO plugins are excellent.

– Check Google’s Search Console for error messages or duplicate content, and fix anything which needs fixing.

– Use Google Keyword Planner to discern the best use of keywords within your content.

– Your page URL should have your primary keyword or something very similar if possible.

– Title tags should be a maximum of 65 characters, for clear display in results.

– Meta description tasks should be a maximum of 155 characters.

– Use an H1 tag which includes your keyword, also use other H tags and good ALT tags on images.

– Use internal links within your website’s anchor text.

– Develop off-page optimisation and build links to your website.

Some of this is very straight-forward and shouldn’t take too much time or thought, whilst other parts are far more demanding. The off-page optimisation, for example, is probably the hardest thing to get right. If you are trying to succeed with a retail website in Melbourne, for example, then you will certainly want to build links around Melbourne with other retailers (complimentary ones rather than competitors in most cases), and to other Melbourne services which relate to your business. This will help build local SEO and will certainly push your website higher within your sector. Using all of the above SEO strategies effectively is an ongoing challenge, but when it’s done correctly it can bring greatly rewarding results well into the future.

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