You might look at your business’ Facebook page and notice that you have over 4,000 likes, and it’s always on the up. Then you look over to your Twitter account, and you see a measly 103 followers. How can that be? You might have posted over 1,000 tweets, but you’ve noticed that you struggle to build up higher levels on Twitter. Well there is no shock. It is very hard to get followers on Twitter – it’s a strange beast, where you have to constantly and consistently offer something for people to follow you.

The funny thing is that in this day and age, you can buy twitter followers. It’s a common action that many people (from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama) and businesses have taken. But should you to buy followers or not? Will it help or hinder your business? We break down the pros and cons.


    • The more followers you have (fake or not), the more real followers will jump on board and follow you. If you see someone with over thousand (or 100,000) followers, you must think that they offer consistent and constant high quality content, so you follow them.


    • For businesses, it’s all about promotion, and showcasing your business’ high quality content. It makes your business seem important enough to follow. By buying followers, you will appear important, successful with an untapped potential, and this enhanced reputation will increase the chance of real people following you. It is all about appearing successful and fruitful, and this is where buying followers pays off.


    • It’s easy and cheap to buy followers, as there are plenty of companies that offer followers. You can buy over 1,000 followers for $5. That’s very special and it’s hardly a dent in any business. Of course the more you buy, the more expensive it gets. But 1,000 more followers could bring in another 1,000 real followers.


  • It’s legal and perfectly common. That’s not joke. There is nothing illegal about buying followers; it’s just another legitimate business. And yes, it’s common: everyone does it. From Lady Gaga to President Barack Obama.


    • Fake followers are just that: they’re fake. They won’t respond or interact with you in any way. They are basically just a number. So if you are looking to get interactions through your Twitter, it’s not going to happen with fake bots. It’s easy to spot a fake bot. Just look below:


    • Any social media campaign that you have and measuring its ROI, it’s going to be hard to assess. How can you when your followers are fake? It is going to be difficult to decipher if your campaign and social media efforts are working.


    • You can get scammed. There is no doubt about that. With any business or service, there are going to be those you are going to try to screw you over. You could pay for followers, but get nothing in return. Keep an eye out for scammers.


  • It’s the big one. Your reputation can be destroyed if you’re caught. If you promote your business as one of the best and suddenly, it’s found out that you’re a phony, your reputation will be damage, as you will be seen as well, a liar, untrustworthy and disrespectful to your customers and desired audience.