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    Case Study

    Car Battery Experts


    Our Battery Expert client is a professional car battery replacement and mobile mechanic service provider based in Adelaide, Australia. They offer a range of services, including battery testing, replacement, and installation, as well as mechanical repairs and maintenance for all types of vehicles.

    Problems they were facing:

    1. Not getting enough leads from Google ads
    2. Not getting enough leads from their website and SEO
    3. Spending too much on clicks (Google Ads) with very little conversion
    4. Did not have transparency on their Google Campaigns
    5. Had little understanding about how it works and how to make it work
    6. No Exposure to Search Engines (Poor SEO)
    7. Website with a poor call to action
    8. No predictable way of getting consistent new leads daily

    Overall Results

    Our marketing goal was to generate more high-quality leads through Google Ads & SEO, resulting in paying customers, thereby increasing our client’s revenue and profitability.

    This marketing campaign has resulted in a more than 100% increase in traffic over a 12-month period. Our client also saw significant improvements in their search engine rankings, with several important keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

    • We scaled their Google Ads campaign with a 10x ROI.
    • In in last 1 year we have generated 6500 leads for them (appx 36 leads daily).
    • Increase in the traffic to 30-40% over a 6-month period.
    • Decrease the CPL to $25-$28 from $35.

    Google Ads Strategy

    1. Targeted Top-performing Keywords

    2. Optimized bidding strategy to generate more leads

    3. Targeted ads in the right way for locations, demographics, and interests based on the client’s business needs.

    4. Created a customised and optimized landing page for a higher conversion rate and reduced bounce rate.

    5. Introduced ad groups by splitting keywords and created custom ads to target different user interests.

    6. Set up CPC bids according to Profitability for better conversion rates.

    7. Planned to run the ads on specific times and days of the week when their ads will be displayed to potential customers.

    8. Created direct response ad headlines for better CTR.

    9. Used broader targeting for keywords.

    10. Timely added negative keywords

    SEO Strategy

    We crafted a strategy to improve their Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). As part of improving their SEO, we did the following

    1. Created a brand new website (mobile optimised) that was targeted to get more conversions.
    2. Conducted keyword research to identify relevant keywords for their business
    3. Rewrote and optimised their on-page content accordingly
    4. Improved their website’s technical SEO
    5. Implemented advanced on-page SEO
    6. Implemented a high-quality link-building strategy to increase their website’s authority and improve their search engine rankings.

    SEO Results

    Business Growth

    When our client started their campaign with us, they were struggling to achieve productive results from their Google Ads campaign. However, through our continuous efforts and agency expertise, they have experienced tremendous growth from the campaigns we are executing on their behalf. As a result, they have generated numerous leads, which have contributed to their overall revenue.

    If you need a strategy for your business, then feel free to reach out to us at 1800 SEARCH.

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