Why Combining SEO With Google Adwords Can Reap The Rewards For You?

Adwords and SEO are the prominent components of a Search Engine Marketing strategy. While SEO applies to all search engines and focuses on making the website content relevant to search engines. It helps your site to rank higher in the natural or organic search results. While, Adwords is a paid campaign and is only for Google sites that use Google Adsense. It helps you put your advertisement on the top of the search result pages on Google and affiliate websites. Also known as pay per click, as a Melbourne company will have to shell out money for every click on the ad.

A combination of these two can prove to be very beneficial for your Melbourne business. They both go better together. Here is how you can reap benefits of combining SEO with Google Adwords:

Get Twice the Visibility

With SEO, your site can get listed on the first page of the Google search results. You will get double visibility if you have an ad which is listed in the top three paid positions. It will give you an advantage over the competitors for a priority keyword, for which they will be listed only once.

Increase Clicks to the Website– Increased search visibility will lead to increased clicks, which are important for conversions. Organic search alone will  not drive as much traffic to a website as when it is combined with paid search.


Find What Converts

Linking of Adwords with the analytics account will help you combine the reports to find out what is working for you and what isn’t. Based on that, you can eliminate certain keywords or ads which are not converting, thereby saving money. Combining these will increase traffic to your site, thereby increasing the probability of conversion. Higher visibility and  more traffic can work the best for your Melbourne business.

SEO is Volatile, Adwords is Consistent

Google’s constant changing algorithms can one day put you on the first page of the search results, while the next day, you may lose your rankings. Organic results achieved through SEO are volatile and unpredictable. With Adwords, you can achieve a constant result once you have the right mix of quality score and budget. You have more control over the rankings of your ad than the search engine rankings.

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