Current Ranking Keyword Analysis

Many people think they don’t have to do anymore once they have researched and integrated keywords into a web page. However, it is important to routinely analyse what the current highest ranking keywords are on a page and on a website. This can change due to external factors such as links. There are many keyword analysis tools that can be used, many of them free. Running a keyword analysis occasionally and keeping up with what keywords are trending in your field will ensure that you always have a relevant and optimised the website.

Find keywords concept. Marketing specialist looking for keywords (concept with magnifying glass).

Key Words

These are the basic words or phrases which are used by the customers in search engines such as in Google. It is also a type of online marketing.

Selection of Keywords.

When choosing the keywords for a business website some important things should keep in mind:

  • Choose the keywords with medium to high number of searches (greater than 1000 per month)
  • If the market is local, then it will reduce the number of a competitor for that term.
  • For example: If our market is Australia then use the local keywords.
  • If the market is global then the keywords that are used for the search purpose must globally use. It will give a lot of benefits.
  • Never overload your website with too many keywords
  • Websites headings are pure in text form. They do not contain in images from because the search cannot read text incorporated images.
  • The code used behind your website must be programmed correctly.

My keywords

The basic thing we think that is how can I find my correct keywords for searching? To solve this problem Google provide us with the (Google Keyword Planner).By using this we can easily understand the proper keywords for the searching purpose of products and services.

Importance of Google keyword planner

Give us information regarding the online searches in Australia locally for certain words. The short phrases people search for that product and services.


The objective of keyword research is to generate, with good precision and recall a large number of terms are highly relevant. The process of keywords research involves a few main things:

  • Brainstorming.
  • Use of keyword research tools.
  • Importance of Google keywords planner
  • Gives us information regarding the online searches in Australia locally for certain words.
  • The short phrases people search for that product and services.
  • Generate new keywords by combining different keywords list.
  • Create new keywords variations based on primary keyword.
  • We get search volume data and trends from it.
  • We get performance and cost estimates.

Why does Google add Keywords?

For connecting with relevant customers on relevant websites across the Web. To reach the right people at the right time. This is what keywords play a role for showing results in search engines. It is a part of everything whether you go for website building or blog posting or anything which will appear in search engines like Google, etc.

Key Word Analysis 

It is the basic point of search marketing campaigns. It is also an SEO (search engine optimisation) which are used by the professionals to find and check the actual search terms that customers enter into search engines. To achieve best SEO results it is important to pick the most relevant word .it is good practice to pick keywords that have little competition and a high number of searches. The most important thing is that the keywords that have no monthly searches generate no traffic are useless for SEO.