70% Increase in High Quality Leads Within 5 Months!


  • 448 Positions Up For All Their Keywords!
  • Leads Have TRIPLED Since Starting!
  • Over 10 of the most competitive keywords in their industry ranking on FIRST page!

Their Problem…

When  initially came to us, they’d already been working with another SEO company who just wasn’t getting them the results that they were after. What business they were getting from the website was being funnelled straight back into the SEO campaign in what seemed like a never-ending cycle…

We all know that when it comes down to your online marketing, it’s all about the ROI. If you’re not getting the return for the money you’re putting in, then you might as well pack it up and seek an alternate route.

Luckily for , they’d searched for a local SEO within Google when they saw us ranking on the first page and decided to give us a call.

Here’s what they were after:

  1. Top rankings for all local dentist related keywords within Brunswick and surrounding suburbs.
  2. They also wanted to focus on their more specific services such as teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry etc…
  3. They wanted to work with a transparent SEO company who’d give them a clear strategy as to where they are, where they need to be and exactly how to get there.

How We Literally 3X Their Expectations!

Once the campaign started, we went to work. During our initial audit, one of the first things we found was the lack of content and the need for some much needed improvements.

We devised a complete content strategy, got our in-house copywriter to spruce up the content, optimise pages for the client’s target keywords and improve the general layout.

Then we worked on various on-page improvements that honestly we were surprised were never addressed by the previous SEO company. 404 errors fixed, 301 redirects optimised for the correct pages, improving the website’s crawl budget, planning and implementing a complete interlinking strategy for every page on the site.

Phew! After a good few months of work, here’s the result… Leads have tripled since they initially came onboard!

They seem to be happy with the results so far, what do you think?


Your Dream Dental Marketing SEO Team!

If you’ve landed on this page it’s because you were probably looking for an online marketing team that knows the dentist industry. We’re THAT team!

We’ve worked with dentists and other medical practices from all over Australia. And so we understand dentists and what they look for when it comes to their online marketing.

When you get on a call with us, we’ll take the time to hear YOU, what are YOUR plans and goals are. Then we devise a complete strategy around your brand that’ll not only improve your SEO but more importantly get you an ROI!

Our team will conduct a complete keyword research plan, couple that with the right content strategy to get your brand directly in front of your ideal customer!

Below are the various online marketing services that we can help you with. If you’d like to know more, speak to us or come visit our office in Port Melbourne.


With our executive team, we can update your website with the latest features, slickest designs and call-to-action buttons to engage with your audience on a whole new level.


Outrank your competitors with Google Adwords – the quickest way to bring in sales. We will construct a personalised Adwords campaign that connects with your customers.


With a tailored Facebook plan, we can make you engage with your customers, grow your brand and build a strong community around your business.


Why let a customer slip through your fingers? With our Retargeting strategies, we will convert those visitors into paying customers.


Our SEO specialists will devise and implement a unique campaign that will see your business rank number one in Google; delivering the ROI you deserve.


To capture your audience, you have to have the perfect content. Our team will create an engaging content marketing campaign to expand your client base, and convert them into customers.

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