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Results For A Roofing Company

🔥 From 0 leads pm to 120+ leads/ monthly
🔥 40% increase in revenue

Results For A Landscaping Company

🔥 From 0 leads pm to 300+ leads pm
🔥 200x Growth

Results For A Mechanic

🔥 50% Increase In Business

Results For A Glazing Company

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Some more case studies:


Ranked #1 in Google Maps. Ranking #4 in Organic. Within 3 Months!

Organic Traffic Boost

Leads Increased

Ranked Within 90 Days!

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Ranking on Page 1 for:

  • Car buying service
  • Car broker melbourne
  • Car buying agent
  • Car buyers advocate
  • Car buying service melbourne


Over 400% Increase in Organic Visitors! Leads Boosted by 62%

Organic Traffic Boost

Leads Increased

Ranked Within 6 Months!

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Ranking on Page 1 for:

  • Artificial grass
  • Synthetic grass
  • Synthetic turf
  • Artificial grass melbourne
  • Artificial grass sydney


E-commerce Sales Increased by 27% in only 4 Months!

Organic Traffic Boost

Sales Increased

Ranked Within 3.5 Months!


Ranking on Page 1 for:

  • Electric bike kit australia
  • E bike conversion kit australia
  • Bafang mid drive australia
  • Electric bike conversion kit sydney
  • E bike kits australia


Dominating Melbourne and suburbs across Victoria!

Organic Traffic Boost

Leads Increased

Ranked Within 90 Days!

Ranking on Page 1 for:

  • mobile mechanic melbourne
  • mobile mechanics melbourne
  • cheap mobile mechanic melbourne
  • 24 hour mobile mechanic melbourne
  • cheap mobile mechanics


Melbourne’s Expert Joomla SEO Team

Joomla is one of the most popular website building platforms today. It’s become a favoured choice for many developers which means It’s a good idea to use Joomla for creating different types of sites including blogs, corporate, e-commerce, news, personal and social networking sites.

Joomla equips developers with a full-featured CMS, a great set of online tools, a collection of integrated technologies and many other competitive advantages.

However, you’ll need to improve your Joomla website in search engines successfully if you want to attract more customers to your business and increase your sales. With our high-quality Joomla SEO services, you’ll find it easy to accomplish your marketing goals and grow your business.

Our Joomla SEO Services

Keyword research

It all begins with a thorough keyword analysis. Our SEO specialists will analyse critical phrases which people use when trying to find businesses like yours in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Then we’ll create a list of the most suitable keywords for your specific Joomla site.

On-page optimisation 

Our specialists will do all necessary on-page optimisation work for your Joomla site. Including optimising of meta titles and meta descriptions, content, image and website speed optimisation. Along with advanced SEO enhancement tactics like deleting duplicate content, fixing 301 redirects, optimising URLs of site’s pages and any more fixes to advance your website.

Link development

We’ll use ethical link building methods to earn quality backlinks for your Joomla site. As a result, your website will get links from relevant online resources of high authority which means it will grow yours. Our SEO experts don’t use spam link building tactics which result in search engine penalties. We always attract backlinks to a website in a natural way. This type of backlink strategy has a substantial impact on your Joomla site’s rankings and provides you with long term SEO results.

Installing SEO plugins 

There are some SEO plugins explicitly designed for Joomla websites, and our SEO specialists have experience in working with these plugins. Our experts will integrate SEO plugins into your Joomla website to do all the essential SEO duties in the best possible way.

Tracking SEO success

We’ll integrate Google Analytics Tools as well as Google Webmaster Tools into your Joomla website. As a result, you’ll find it easy to monitor your SEO strategy and measure the results.

Why Choose Us for Joomla SEO Services

  1. At Search Marketing Group, our SEO team have experience in doing different types of Joomla SEO practices. We have an extensive understanding of Joomla SEO process tools.
  1. Our specialists implement Joomla SEO services at affordable prices. We offer a customised Joomla SEO package for your site’s needs. As a result, you’ll get cost-effective solutions for your website.
  1. We have a transparent work process. Which means our experts will keep you updated about all SEO services which get performed on your site.
  1. Search Marketing Group is a result-oriented Joomla SEO company. We’ve helped many businesses to get their Joomla site’s pages on top of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines for common keywords. Our number of happy clients is continuously growing.
  1. We commit ourselves to the best possible customer experience. If you choose us, we ensure our specialists do whatever possible to help you get excellent Joomla SEO results, increase website visitors and get website conversions.

Melbourne’s Expert Opencart SEO Team

OpenCart is the perfect online platform for building e-commerce sites for different types of businesses. You’ll be able to save time and money if you choose to have an e-commerce site developed with OpenCart.

However, you’ll sell products and services successfully only if you effectively promote your eCommerce site. Which means search engine optimisation is the crucial element of your website promotion strategy.

Our expert SEO team here at Search Marketing Group offers world-class SEO services for Opencart sites. With our SEO strategies, you’ll enhance your OpenCart site’s SEO, attract targeted search traffic to your online store and boost the awareness of your brand.

Opencart SEO Services

Keyword research

Firstly, we’ll do comprehensive keyword research and select the best key phrases for your Opencart website’s SEO strategy. When analysing keywords people use to search for your products and services, our experts carefully analyse critical factors such as search volume, competition as well as conversion. So we’ll create the best keyword phrase report for your business’s success.

On-page Opencart SEO

Our highly skilled and trained Opencart SEO specialists design a template for your e-commerce site and optimise it for your SEO requirements. Our experts will write title and description meta tags and streamline images on your Opencart site’s pages among other critical growth strategies.

Content optimisation

Our highly experienced content writers create original and engaging content for your Opencart site’s pages and optimise it richly and professionally with targeted keywords.

Link building

Using the most effective off-page SEO tactics, our specialists will help you attract quality backlinks to your Opencart site. This strategy enables you to achieve top search engine rankings on search engine pages for keywords your business targets.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the organic / unpaid website traffic through Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This does not include paid Ads or direct traffic. The process includes getting backlinks from relevant websites, optimising the website structure, content, speed and other factors that contribute to getting higher rankings for keywords that your potential customers search for.
At Search Marketing Group, we’ve always worked with an array of clients from many different industries. Which means we understand several sectors and the challenges each face. As well as have a thorough understanding of specific industry competition and the competitiveness each faces with SEO keywords.
There are two major ways of getting traffic from Search Engines; paid and unpaid. Paid ads usually works out to be an expensive exercise. Businesses that uses the combination of SEO and paid ads usually gets the best results. Organic listings are always up their and have no click cost so you can imagine the return on investment versus paid ads that cost per click.
At Search Marketing Group, we have worked with over 400 businesses and specialises in SEO. We have been around since 2012 and mastered the way Search algorithm works which has allowed us to rank thousands of highly competitive keywords for our clients on 1st page of Google. We are good at what we do and offer excellent support that a business need.
SEO is an investment of time and money. It depends on your industry and competition your business faces in the competitive marketplaces. There is much work needed, along with a lot of time investment to be able to achieve brilliant results. We analyse the market along with your industry before we can give you an accurate effect.
As above, SEO is an investment of time. It’s a strategy which we build and grow over many months before the results will start showing. There are many factors such as competition, industry and authority, which factor into how long your SEO will take until you get results. As a general guide, it’s best to expect results anywhere from 3-6 months if not longer, and during these months your leads and website traffic will grow gradually.
An account manager as a one point of contact is assigned to each campaign for everything.

Melbourne’s Expert WordPress SEO Team

Today, many businesses have their sites built on the WordPress platform. WordPress has excellent benefits for website developers.

It offers a fast and straightforward way to create a website. So, it won’t take you much time to have a WordPress site developed.

But most importantly, your web development costs will reduce if you choose to build a website with WordPress.

However, your WordPress site won’t work well if it’s not properly optimised for search engines. Our expert SEO team at Search Marketing Group offer services for WordPress sites.

Use the strength of our WordPress SEO services to achieve high rankings for profitable keywords and attract the right target audience to your business.

We Offer a Full Range of WordPress SEO Services

Identifying keywords for WordPress sites

It’s crucial to pick the right keywords for your WordPress SEO strategy. Our SEO experts conduct keyword research for your WordPress site. We’ll select the best keywords in terms of competition, search traffic and conversion. And you’ll receive the keyword report list for your WordPress site.

Work with WordPress site’s structure

We’ll make changes to your WordPress site if needed. As a result, you’ll get a WordPress site with a search engine-friendly structure which impresses your site’s visitors and search engines too.

WordPress SEO plugin installations

Our professionals have years of experience in working with all WordPress SEO plugins. We’ll install all the necessary plugins on your WordPress site and perform all on-page optimisation tasks on it successfully.

Creating SEO, friendly content for WordPress sites 

Content optimisation plays an indispensable role in WordPress SEO. When done right, content optimisation improves your site’s SEO substantially. Our experts will optimise your site’s content in a way which gets you the best possible SEO results.

Link building for WordPress sites

Using the best link building methods, our WordPress SEO experts will help you earn high-quality backlinks for your site’s pages. We’ll help you attract backlinks from relevant websites of high authority. Such backlinks will generate quality traffic to your site and boost your WordPress SEO.

Why Choose Us for WordPress SEO

  1. WordPress SEO optimisation is a critical strategy which requires specific knowledge, experience and tools. So, you may find it challenging to optimise your WordPress site to achieve high rankings for competitive keywords. Our professionals have vast experience in WordPress SEO, and they know what works and what doesn’t and have the time to dedicate themselves to your websites SEO strategy.
  1. Achieving customer satisfaction is our team’s number one priority. If you work with us, we assure you our professionals do their best to help you achieve high rankings, so you get the most out of your SEO budget.
  1. It’s also important to note we use only white bonnet SEO methods in our work, which is why our clients always achieve effective and long-lasting results in WordPress SEO. But most importantly, because we use ethical SEO tactics, your WordPress site will never get search engine penalties working with us.
  1. Search Marketing Group provides our experts with modern online tools and constant training in WordPress SEO. So, our online marketing professionals have all the latest strategies and tactic knowledge needed to do SEO for WordPress sites in the best possible way.
  1. We provide all our clients with SEO reports each month. These reports include information on your WordPress site’s rankings for target keywords, the volume of search traffic and more. So with our SEO reports, you’ll find it easy to monitor your search engine rankings and measure your SEO success.

Melbourne’s Expert Shopify SEO Team

Today, it’s rather straightforward to start an online business. You can take advantage of the Shopify platform to create an online store for your business and start selling products or services right away.

However, creating a Shopify website is not enough to get sales. You have to do more. After creating your Shopify store, you should aim to improve your site’s SEO. In other words, you need to achieve high search engine rankings for target keywords. This strategy will help you attract targeted search traffic to your website, so you’re getting visitors who make purchases and turn visitors into sales.

Our SEO team at Search Marketing Group provides premium quality Shopify SEO services for various types of businesses. Our Shopify SEO experts use the most effective techniques in their work and dedicate themselves to SEO. Our top skilled professionals will develop an effective SEO strategy for your Shopify online store, which assists you to accomplish your business marketing goals.

We Provide a Full Range of Shopify SEO Services

Keyword research 

Our professionals will analyse your website carefully first and pick the best keyword phrases for your Shopify SEO strategy.

Shopify audit

We’ll find the technical errors that negatively affect your site’s SEO and then fix them.

Speed optimisation

We’ll check your Shopify site’s load speed and take all necessary actions to make your Shopify site faster.

On-page SEO 

Our experts will do the on-page optimisation of your Shopify store’s pages and make them relevant to the target keywords. Elements such as metadata optimisation, URL optimisation, content optimisation and more.

Link building

Using our proven link building methods, our SEO experts attract high-quality backlinks to your Shopify site. We aim to earn backlinks from relevant sites of high authority which significantly improves your site’s rankings.

Conversion optimisation

We’ll make all the necessary and strategical changes to your Shopify site to improve its conversion rate, so you get a better return on your investment.

SEO reports

We’ll provide you with monthly SEO reports. So, you’ll be able to see yo.ur businesses website SEO progress. These reports will help you make essential decisions in the future.

Why You Should Choose Us for Shopify SEO Services

  1. We offer Shopify SEO plans for any of your business marketing needs. Our specialists will analyse your business carefully and develop a Shopify SEO strategy which works.
  1. We hire highly experienced professionals only. Our SEO experts have been optimising Shopify sites for a long time and dedicate themselves to what they do. Which means they’re always striving to get the best results for each of our clients.
  1. Search Marketing Group has a full in-house team that consists of Shopify designers, Shopify developers, content writers, online marketers, usability experts and, most importantly, Shopify SEO experts. So, we’ll be able to help you with any of your Shopify SEO and online marketing needs.
  1. At Search Marketing Group, we understand each of our clients is unique. That’s why we work with each of our customers differently. So, our professionals will develop a custom Shopify SEO strategy specifically tailored to advance your business.
  1. We are a white hat SEO company. Our SEO experts don’t try to manipulate Google’s algorithm and don’t use any tricks which cause long-term damage to a website’s SEO.

Do you need help with Shopify SEO?

Contact us today to get a service estimate. Our experts will study your Shopify site’s SEO needs carefully and advise you upon appropriate solutions.

Use the power of our Shopify SEO services to take your business to the next level fast.

Starting with a discovery process about your business goals and customers, we then go back to many highly reputed industry tools like SEMrush, Ahref, Majestic, MOZ, Google Keyword Planner, Google trends, Ubersuggest and many more to find the right words that your potential customers are using to find businesses like yours on Google and other Search Engines. We work together with our clients to find the most targeted keywords for them.
Keywords depend on the size of the website and also the campaign objective. A website that ranks for many keywords including competitive keywords and also longtails keywords, usually gets a big share of the pie of traffic in their niche. We offer our suggestion about the package after an initial consult.
Our report consists of SEO rankings, Google Analytics, Google Ads, content generation, Social Media stats, a summary of the progress of the campaign.
We offer full business hours support from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9Am – 5Pm.
Our team consist of Search Engine Optimisation Specialists, Google Ads specialists, Web Designer, Web Developer, Account Managers, Content Writers and Social Media managers.Our office is based in Port Melbourne.
When combined, these two strategies become a powerful digital marketing tactic. They help you get closer to your goals faster, create more qualified traffic, get you higher visibility in search engine results page and give you a better return on your investment. 


Successful Stories

Fantastic company to deal with. Very professional and a high attention to detail that is not normally seen in an Australian business. Recommend these guys for SEO and website building.
Managing Director – Bang Packaging.

 We have found SMG to be very professional, proactive and helpful in respect of our marketing needs. The whole team are also very helpful and have gone to significant lengths to assist us with any technical issues we have had to deal with. We highly recommend Search Marketing Group to anyone seeking a quality and effective marketing team.

 I have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 years now and i have been extremely happy with the service and results. My business has grown drastically because of these guys. Great job definitely recommended!

The team at Search Marketing Group have helped our business as a whole when it comes to our digital marketing. The landing pages they created look amazing and have drawn new business to us with their PPC campaign attached to it. On top of that their SEO has already lifted our rankings.
Incredible work team!

We have been with Search Marketing Group for 4 years now and I highly recommend them. They have done excellent SEO on our website and also manage our Google Ads which has been generating an excellent return on investment for us since we came on board with them. They are professional and also go the extra mile to help always. Keep up the good work.

I’ve been working with the team at Search Marketing Group now for a little over 4 years and I can’t even begin to say how amazing they are. Each of the team members are super qualified in their fields, always open to try and test different things to get the best out of the campaigns run. I haven’t come across a team like Search Marketing Group and the expert advice they offer and the delivery on fantastic results.

Great team to handle all your website needsProfessionals at everything they doThey have built me a website for my bussiness and it’s been great with their SEO work and Ad words managementThank you Murtuza and Deepak

Put simply, Deepak delivers on his promise. He is generous with his time and constantly innovates to get you results.

Murtuza has been very helpful in maintaining my website and helping me with any concerns.

I have been dealing with Search Marketing Group for over 12 months now for my website requirements and have found Murtuza Ratlamwala and the team to be highly professional, very responsive when required and at a fair price. Highly recommended.
Peter Bruce

Great team to handle all your website needs
Professionals at everything they do
They have built me a website for my bussiness and it’s been great with their SEO work and Ad words management

Thank you Murtuza and Deepak

Deepak and his team have been professional, prompt and fantastic to work with at all times. Their honest and intelligent approach to SEO has been a key factor to the success of our agency. Thank-you.

The team of Search Marketing Group is amazing, Deepak and Murtuza always help us when ever we need with all the IT issue.

Hi I have been using Murtuza for my Adwords & SEO and I,m so happy i made that decision about 3 month ago. My sales are through the roof and my advertising cost are down. I have tried a few different seo marketing companies over the years and have been burnt so its refreshing to deal with someone who works hard on getting results. So I highly recommend Search Marketing Group.

Dear Business Owner

Without a consistent flow of leads and sales, it’s impossible to plan how you want to run your business. We have developed a proven growth formula to grow our clients businesses using PROVEN & POWERFUL strategies to get hot and ready to buy leads into your business everyday.


This tried and tested growth formula has helped over 400 Australian businesses.


Here are some more recent results we have achieved that helped our clients grow their business.
🔥 Helped grow a bakery business into 9 franchises from 1.
🔥 Increased revenue from $3 Million to $12 Million for a Sporting Goods Company in 3 years
🔥 Increased leads by 50% for an education course provider.
🔥 Increased revenue from $200,000 to $2millions for scrap metal company in 2 years.
Yes, these are real results that we have achieved for some of our clients.


You can now move to a more predictable system for generating leads and focus on building your business and lifestyle.

Imagine having a TAP that you could turn on and off when you need leads.

Free SEO Audit

  • Scans for major ranking factors
  • Suggestions to improve your rankings
  • Report will also be emailed to you
  • Your information will not be sold to third parties
Report Shows why your website is still behind your competition on Google


Results for Racking Company


Results for Building Inspection Company



Results for Landscaping Company


Results for Roofing Company


Results for a Chiropractic Clinic


Results for a sporting Goods shop

Lead Growth Results



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