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One of the most surprisingly, and common things, to find across Google and websites is duplicate content. When we talk about duplicate content, we are talking content that is exactly the same: in every possible way; word for word. This for those you don’t know is a bit of problem – especially when it comes to maintaining and delivering a successful SEO campaign. That is why is it imperative that you focus on ensuring that your content on your website is unique in every way – or you are going to pay for it.

But surely there is going to be some crossover? 

There is no question that thanks to the million of websites out there, there is always going to be some crossover when it comes to certain topics and industries. If you were to talk about rubbish removal, there would be a million blog posts on the topic, coupled with a million more clients in the industry competing for the same words. So over time, there is going to be some crossword with certain words and phrases. Yet, to truly stand out from the rest of the crowd, you have to focus on ensuring that your content is unique and fresh in every way – this difference will have a profound and positive impact on your SEO campaign. And we are not merely talking about the content on your websites. We are also referring to content in your title tags.

Why what happens when you have duplicate content? 

Firstly, Google and other search engines don’t like it. So they do what they love to do best (apart from rewarding good white hat SEO tactics) – they punish your website – and they punish it badly. By having the same content over and over again, it dilutes your search engine ranking for important pages and, when excessive, may signal to search engines that you are spamming for phrases and keywords.

So they hit your website hard with a drop in rankings. You’ll be pushed off the top spot and you’ll keep dropping. In the worse case scenario, you will be indexed completely off Google, which could be the end of your campaign.


But they copied it off me…

That happens! It always does. Duplicate content doesn’t necessary mean that you have copied content across – it could mean a rival or competitor has copied it from you. There is always one way to stay ahead of this in case it happens:

  • Highlight content from your website
  • Paste and search it on Google
  • See what the results are

If it is just your site, you are in the clear. If not, you can see who has copied your content. It is very easy process to see. Now, don’t worry, as we mentioned there is going to be some crossover with words here and there. As long as its not “word for word” – then you’re fine.

How do we avoid such harsh penalties? 

By staying one step ahead of the game.

Title tags are easy to deal with. Sign in to your Google Webmaster tools and go to HTML improvements. There is a ‘Duplicate Title Tags” section that will tell you about duplicate content.

Finding identical or very similar phrasing can be more difficult. If there is a phrase that you fear is used too often throughout the website, simply search the site for it in quotation marks. This will give you results for that exact phrase. Slightly changing the wording should solve the problem. Remember that unique content will make all the difference for your SEO campaign.

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