Have The Facebook Campaign That Turns Those Followers Into Leads

Facebook is the behemoth that dominates social media. So when it comes to your business, Facebook gives you the opportunity to reach your prospective customers and turn them into paying customers. You can zero into the exact demographic and audience you want, and in turn, make them take the action you want. And we can help you with all of it.

Whether you are looking to generate more ‘likes’ on your page to establish your brand, reach out to new customers with special offers and deals, promote and engage current followers with a new product, reach out to the new demographics – based on accurate data, including interests, likes, and more – or combine it all together for a massive campaign, our experts can deliver the results you want. From reaching out to the desktops, smartphones and tablets, we can spread your campaign to all access points.

“Likes Campaign” – Establish Your Brand On Facebook

Want to establish your brand on Facebook? Want to lead your competitors in followers? That is the benefit of having a ‘Likes’ Campaign. Everyone knows that the more ‘likes’ a brand has, the stronger the name, the bigger the reputation. If you want to push your company to the forefront of your customers’ minds, we can do it with a focused campaign.

“Engagement Campaign” – Get Followers To Interact With Your Page

What brings people to your Facebook page? Simple: posts. And the more engaging the posts, the more people will come to your page. You can’t just post anything – you have to post something that is going to be engaging to your audience, forcing them to interact with you, and grow your brand. Our team can do it for you with audience-targeted posts, including videos, graphics, infographics and more, that keep your followers on the hook for more.

“Boosted Posts” – Engage With A Wider Reach By Kicking Up Your Posts

Promoting something special on one of your Facebook posts? With a small monetary boost, you can spread your post to reach a greater and audience. We can specifically target demographics that you wish and boost a post so it reaches them.

“Lead Generation Campaign” – Expand Your Reach & Bring In Profitable Leads

Want your leads to triple in the space of a few months? This is what you will get with a heavily focused Lead Generation campaign. The idea is simple: we create a selling point of your business, target the key demographics that are going to love it and send the leads to you. Effective and efficient, you will be able to enjoy a surge in paying leads.

“Website Clicks Campaign” – Bring People To Your Site & Turn Them Into Customers

Tempt your followers to your site and convert them into customers. With a targeted campaign, we can engage your followers, and potential customers, to click links that them directly to your website. Once they are engaged, convert them into paying clients!

“Offers Campaign” – Retain Customers & Bring In New Ones With Special Deals & Events

There is no better way than retaining your customers and bringing in people from your audience than by offering stunning offers and events. We can create and design intriguing and stunning deals based around your business – and your requests – to continue the flow of customers to your business. This offer can also include special events that your business is hosting or appearing at.

“Email Targeting” – Keep Your Clients Involved In Your Facebook World

Got an email list of clients that you can use your products or services? You can now engage them with targeted email campaigns. We can use your email contacts and reach out to them. Engage them, bring them back, or keep them on the hook, we can achieve the highest potential with your email list with targeted marketing.

“App Installation Campaigns” – Get People To Install Your Own App

If you want more people to download or use your application, then why not promote it through the biggest social media platform? We can now send your audience and prospective clients right to the purchasing page! Get more people to download your app with us.

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