Falling Rankings? These SEO Techniques Can Make all the Difference

Using the right keywords is at the top of the list for effective SEO. Make sure you include in your website some keyword phrases which potential customers are typing into search engines. You can get help with finding these using online SEO tools. The keywords should be integrated into your site in key areas, including page titles, heading tags and body content. Without overdoing or forcing the keywords, they should be used a number of times within your content.

Branding is important when building SEO, as search engines love brands. Using quantifiable metrics, they evaluate the quality of your website, and with well established branding then you will be ranked more highly. This will include having a set logo, colour scheme, tagline, and promotional phrasing, which are used consistently across your website and social media pages. It could be worth working with a graphic designer to optimise the branding aspect of your website.

It’s important to have plenty of new and regular content on your website. There are two main reasons why a company blog, with product updates, industry news reaction etc. is important. First of all, regular content increases the keyword presence on your website, which can bring SEO traffic due to search phrases you never even thought of. Secondly, you are making your website more interesting and engaging for your prospects and customers. Consider the bounce rate and time on site aspects too, which also play a role in how well you rank in the search engines.

Using popular social networking sites can seem like a distraction or an unnecessary chore for a business. Yet both Google and Bing have acknowledged that social signals, including link shares and brand mentions on some social network status updates, play a role in natural search rankings. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some essential ones to start with. Make it a priority to invest some time each day posting to social networking sites and interacting with the people who follow your company’s profiles on these sites, and you will increase not just your customer base but also your search engine results. If you can find power users on these social networking sites to connect with, then this kind of networking could bring greater SEO results and also potential link shares from these influential users. This could bring a lot more traffic and custom to your wesbite. Don’t be pushy, of course, just let relationships build up naturally over time.