URL Structure

Many people don’t realise the importance that comes with URLs. They don’t realise that such a small line of words can have a massive impact on the running of your website and the SEO campaign that manages it. They think it is nothing major. Just a little bit of a whole campaign. What people don’t know is that by having the right keywords in the URL, as well as the correct hook, can make the biggest difference to your website.

So how do you maximise the potential of your URL? 

Many URLs involve long lines of numbers and letters. This is a wasted opportunity! The time here though is to make sure that the URL is managed correctly and includes the right keywords. It shouldn’t just be letters and numbers all mixed together. The URL structure can actually add to a site’s search engine ranking if it is planned to include keywords. And this is where it is important to ensure that you work on making it a friendly and strong URL structure. 


How do you go about completing that? 

There are three distinct ways in which you can go about ensuring that your URL is friendly and able to comply with SEO in a positive manner. Take a read below and see you can go about ensuring that your URL is friendly: 

  • Use something meaningful with the URL:
    As we mentioned above, using keywords in your URL will have a very positive impact on your SEO campaign. The idea here is to ensure that you can reach out to your audience, as well as guaranteeing that your URL is working to max effect. Do not go overboard with numbers or punctuation as well it will reduce the impact of the URL. Also, make it appealing to the eye. Simple examples like “www.example/keywords” is better than “www.example/131930=12”. Make your URL meaningful.
  • Make it straightforward:
    We are talking about not making the URL work for their desired content. Do not use redirects on your site or have misled with the URL. Maximise the potential by ensuring that the URL links directly the page you want it to. Google will not look too kindly on you taking users from one page to another if that is not the right page. You have to focus on ensuring that your URL delivers on what it promises. Last, it is best if your URL hints at the organisation of your website. For example, mypets.com/furrypets/cats/siamese is a better choice than mypets.com/siamese.
  • Maximise the best URL for your website:
    You might have a website with over a hundred pages. That is way too much to handle. That is why is important to select the right URL so that you maximise your SEO campaign. Not all pages can be used to their full capabilities when it comes to SEO, so it down to you to be selective and find the right URL for you. Go for it so you get the best in the long run.

The sum up to a successful URL structure!

So when it comes to ensuring that your URL structure is of the highest quality and works to the T, you have to work on it. Don’t just think it is not important. A good URL structure should include keywords relevant to the page’s subject. They should also be straightforward. If you have URLs with duplicate content, specify a canonical, or preferred, URL for them so the search engines don’t reduce your ranking. This is going to make the difference when you are enjoying the profits of your SEO campaign.

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