Rate the Results. Convert the Customers.

How do you keep track when it comes to online customers? How do you analyse if they take any action on your site – and is it the action you want them to take? How do you take what visitors do on your website and use it to convert them to customers? With Search Marketing Group, we have the method: conversion rate optimisation, or more commonly known as CRO.

CRO is widely considered one of the most important strategies within an online marketing campaign. It is the method of assessing analytics and user feedback to analyse and improve a website’s performance. In its most basic form, CRO is the process of finding out what your users are looking for when they come to your site, and using it to to convert them into paying and loyal customers.

Whether is it a minor change to your website’s structure (adding a call-to-action button or removing one), simplifying the navigation of your website, or completely reconfiguring your online marketing approach, our team of online experts will do it for you by finding a secure and long-term solution.

A thorough assessment of your website and a tailored plan will see us guarantee that your objectives are not just reached, but crossed over to another level of success. With our effective CRO methods and tactics, your online marketing targets will be reached and you will witness a high number of paying conversions as your website reaches new successful heights.