Track your Customers. Lead your Business.

Ever wondered how your customers find your website? Was it through a random search or were they specifically targeted? Is your website actually providing the leads that you want it to? With Search Marketing Group and our experienced online marketing team, we will find out through a very successful and helpful strategy.

Known as Lead Tracking, this online method is focused on keeping track of the origin of your leads by providing you with the vital information of where they came from, such as on-page SEO, Adwords, PPC or through an online search. This information can then be used to convert new users into paying leads.

The application and running operation of this method is simple for us to navigate for you. Every time a customer takes action on your website, we will give you a definitive answer on how they got to your website in the first place. This methodological system keeps track and collects the actions and conversions of your leads; an invaluable source of customer information.

From this point, we will utilise the information and data to improve your website, your business and lift your site to the next level. We will optimise and make the necessary changes that will not only keep your website up to its high standard, but increase its productivity and ROI. Our certified lead tracking methods and strategies will see your users converted to long-term paying leads.