Find the Calls. Get the Customers.

When your phone rings and it is a customer, do you wonder: how did they get my number? It is a vitally important thought to consider. By looking into how and where interest in your website is generating from, you can look into what is making customers call you. Significantly, you can look into where and how to make improvements.

Search Marketing Group will do that for you. By having a number specifically designed to your website, we can utlise Google’s option to collect and maintain data on where the call came from, which area (paid ads or through searches) and if they are using mobile phones or not.

By collecting this vital information, you will witness the benefits of undertaking this invaluable service. Our team of experts will assess if customers and clients are calling you on a regular basis, what is triggering them to call you, and what is converting from users to customers. By partnering with us, you will witness an increased amount of customers contacting you and a larger audience.