Google Searches. Made Easy.

Throughout any calendar year, Google makes up to 600 updates to its search algorithm. These updates are conducted to drop poorly designed and black hat-infused websites, and lift clean content websites higher up Google’s search rankings.
Most of the updates are minor, and are not well-documented by Google. Yet, these slight changes to the search formula make the biggest impact as it influences a business’ website rankings.
That is why owners are always wondering: how and why did my website suddenly fall so rapidly down Google’s search engine? It is a question that Search Marketing Group has answered before and continues to.
We understand that business owners do not have the time, or the intermediate knowledge to comprehend Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates. That is why we take the work off their hands and put it into ours.
Our team of Google Algorithm experts work around the clock, constantly analysing and keeping their well-trained eyes on any algorithm updates. By using established prediction formulas, we will read the changes to come, adjust your website so it maintains its high ranking and improve its content to maintain Google’s high standards. With us by your side, you will never have to worry about your Google rankings; we will do it all for you.